Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tasty Tuesday?

Sadly, you won't find me in the kitchen much (enough!) today, but you will find me at Scripture Dig posting about the creativity of the Prov 31 woman. And that's all for today, because I really do need to get creative in my kitchen! ;) I will post pictures and a recipe of "what transpired" next Tasty Tuesday.

I could use some inspiration .... are you being creative in your kitchen this week?

Over at Scripture Dig today ...

In my dark closet corner, there’s a plastic bag stuffed with neatly folded strips of crimson material. It’s remnants of a quilt I began and evidence that I’m a Michael’s craft class drop out. Occasionally, my hand brushes against the sack, and I wonder, “How did I go from being voted “Most Creative” in high school (forget Best Hair, Best Smile ..) to being beaten by a Log Cabin pattern in the back of a craft store? Is there hope for me to reach the bar set by the “Most Creative” wife of Proverbs 31? (Read the rest ...)

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laughwithusblog said...

I took a break from cooking over the summer. It was just too hot! I'm back in the groove now though...I think! ;)