Monday, September 19, 2011

Marriage Mondays ~ Balancing Prov 31

I was carrying a tray of cups filled with pineapple punch last night, when I leaned over to offer a cup to a teenage guest. Three other full cups started to slide towards the tray rim near her head. I'm sure it was God's hand that reached down and steadied my tray and spared our young guest ... and my dignity! I was never meant to be a waitress ....

Do you ever have days or weekends or weeks that feel like balancing a tray of punch cups? I feel like I've been doing a bit of balancing this last week, and I'm ready to slow down a little, mop our floor, get some groceries, and order my thoughts. Strangely enough, this week at Scripture Dig, we're focusing on the Proverbs 31 Woman ... just as I'm feeling like she's an illusive character. And she is.

The wife of Proverbs 31:10-31 describes a precious woman in answer to the question, "An excellent wife who can find?"  Who, indeed! Fortunately, the lady we read about in the final chapter of Proverbs isn't a real gal. She's a composite of excellent women, or ideal combination of qualities to strive for. Her description helps shape our efforts and our goals, but our grace-full God counts our worth in His cup of understanding. I'm so glad. I'm also happy to say that (technically...) the Proverbs 31 woman wasn't ever a waitress either! ;)

As we consider what God counts valuable for an excellent wife, I want to share some of what my Scripture Dig sisters are posting about this praise worthy gal-pal of ours. I write at the Dig with four other women around the country, and we're tackling this famous lady in September. Here's a snapshot of what's been shared and a glimpse of what's coming up:

The rest of this week:

  • Tuesday ~ I'll help you see how creativity is a gift we give our husbands, even if you never finished "that quilt" or made a scrapbook! ALL of us can follow the Proverbial wife in this quality ... really!
  • Wednesday ~ Don't be discouraged by the fact that she "rises while it's still night" ... I'll show you how endurance blesses our men, even if your alarm goes off after sunrise. ;)
  • Thursday ~ Does it make a difference if we're productive?
  • Friday ~ "Strength" isn't just a quality for husbands ... it's beautiful in a wife, too!

Next week:  We'll look at how this surprisingly realistic lady is generous, prepared, gracious, blessed, and God-fearing.

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Isn't it good to know what you're striving for as a wife? And isn't it good to know we don't have to be "everything" in the ideal wife, in order to experience God's miraculous gift of two becoming one?

What quality in Mrs. P31 intimidates you most?

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Mary@The Calm of His Presence said...

Sweet friend you said just what I needed to to hear this morning. I too am struggling to balance it all. I know its the enemy trying to overwhelm me and keep my focus off God. I look forward to reading what God lays on your heart the rest of the week here and over at Scripture Dig. Praying for you.

L.C.C. said...

A very interesting passage to read this morning. Especially alongside Proverbs 12:4 which I have been thinking about lately. As for intimidation, perhaps the expectation that we can and will do everything? I'll be very interested to see where you and Scripture Dig take this and explore it :)

Orosco99 said...

I think her productivity, efficiency, and smoothly running organized life intimidate me! I either feel like I function like a chicken with my head cut off or like a super slow snail!!! Lord help :-)
Looking forward to your posts and the encouragement. Have a blessed day. Love, Jenny C.

Julie_Sanders said...

Yes, "doing everything" ... so deceiving, isn't it? I was just reminding myself this weekend that it's not so much about what I "can" do, but what I "should" do.
Julie Sanders


Julie_Sanders said...

I had a feeling I might not be the only one ... Let's fight back together and keep our focus where it needs to be.
Julie Sanders


Sarah S. said...

Besides the household productivity, she seems to be a savvy businesswoman. My resume' looks like I can't hold a job (because I prefer to be at home with my family). Now when I need a job... I feel like a failure in the world's eyes. My husband works among a LOT of "career-savvy" women and I can't help but be a little intimidated by all of it. It's where I am right now. Yeah -- and the household stuff, too...

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

Hmmm ... you're not alone here, but I have a sneaky feeling you are, among other things:   event planner, purchasing and receiving manager, meal coordinator, behavior counselor, life coach, activities director, and financial planner. It can be easy to let the world's outlook overflow into ours. We encouraged, sweet Sarah, it takes a strong and talented woman to survive the challenges of staying home! :)  Your husband is blessed.

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

I'm sure if we could interview Mrs. P31 she would be honest enough to say that she had her chicken days and snail moments, but she kept moving in the right direction. One day at a time, Jen.