Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Having a Sabbath

Hi sweet readers. While my hubby and kids are doing a little backpacking for a few days, I've decided to take a few days of my own just to spend some time with the Lord, linger in His word, pray, journal, listen to Him, and be refreshed. This is a rare thing, and I really feel quite privileged and blessed to be able to do this. It's a gift. 

I'll be spending some time in the Psalms, in preparation for unfolding more of that with you here. I would love it if you would be reading there with me, too. I'm pushing aside things that might be a distraction, including blogging, so there is space and time and quiet to be with the Lord. 

I appreciate your prayers for me as I take these days and see what the Lord will say. Are you carving out any time to rest and be with the Lord this summer? You may not have the luxury of a few days, but how about a morning, an evening, or a Saturday? My Scripture Dig sister Teri Lynne had some great thoughts on Sabbath keeping last week. 

I'll be back (to blogging) sometime next week, Lord willing. :)

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Barbie said...

Praying that you are refreshed in His presence!