Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tasty Tuesday ... Ice Cube Trick

I love this ice cube trick, especially in summer. We use mint leaves, but you could also use lemon balm (I have LOADS of lemon balm if you live near me and would like some :) ) or some other herb. It is NOT expensive, but adds such a nice touch to a beverage. I wonder if you could use a piece of lemon, lime, or orange! 

  • Just fill trays with water.

  • Add a leaf (rinsed and patted dry) to each cube.

  • Freeze and use as usual.

Putting one of these cubes into a glass of water or iced tea makes a drink seem more special, and it says to your guests and your family, "I thought ahead how to serve you well." To yourself it says, "I'm not going out for an expensive drink, but I can enjoy a refreshing drink at home that looks cool with a surprise in it!"

What seasonal tricks are you using as small, special treats on the table?

Happy summer days to you!

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Michelle said...

I LOVE this idea, Julie! Thank you!