Thursday, September 23, 2010

WELCOME Relationships!

Welcome Bloggy Friends!
Over the summer I visited homes in our neighborhood, updating information for our directory of neighbor info. I got up close and personal to a lot of front doors I'd never been to before. Sometimes I wanted to sit down on the porch and have a chat with the neighbor there, but other times I wanted to turn around and run away! A front door puts a "message" out there to those who arrive, telling a lot about how the people inside feel about visitors and neighbors.
You may not have a porch or steps, but there's an entrance to where you live! What do people "hear" when they come to your home? A front door can really be the "door" to encouraging new relationships around us.

Up the street from my house, a neighbor just put up blinking orange lights around her doorway, a great compliment to the scarecrows she planted in the middle of her geraniums. ;) This mom of young children is saying, "Come on over! We want to play with you." No surprise that the local tribe of little neighbors often hangs out in and around her yard. I'm no longer in "blinking lights" stage, but my door still needs to say, "Welcome."

What are you "saying" with your front door to the people around you? 

If we want to nurture relationships and not live life alone, we can begin by creating a life that says "WELCOME" on the outside. In other words, the exterior of our home (and our face!) needs to smile.  It doesn't have to be expensive, and you don't have to be Martha Stewart. This time of year, I pull out the same artificial leaves year after year, and I indulge in one fresh item ( a pumpkin ) to make it festive. Don't go out and buy expensive ribbon ( who has that extra cash right now? ) - Instead, tear strips of an old sheet, skirt, or tablecloth to make a ribbon to tie around a wreath or candle. I have an old chair next to my door that I re-decorate each season to fit the theme. It's not so important HOW it looks, but that it speaks to those who arrive at your day, saying, "Welcome." 

So ... if I came to your house, what would your front door say to me?  ;)

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Orosco99 said...

If you came to my door, I'd pull you in and HUG you! But really, my front door is not too inviting. The wreath I was going to hang is nice enough but the wreath hanger doesn't fit right so I can't close the door! I also bought a really nice pumpkin (I LOVE picking out the perfect pumpkin) and placed it on my porch and in the span of about 2 hours my son had knocked it off the porch which broke the stem off and them I watched it bounce down the yard to the curb. I hollered at my son (bad choice) and felt defeated. I'll try again to make it inviting . . . tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement (I know it's more than wreaths and pumpkins!) Love, JLC

Jennifer said...

I love this post and the sentiment and love your beautiful and inviting front door area. Thanks for sharing.

Theresa said...

It says "As for me and my house we will serve the LORD". There are fall window clings on the glass door and Mums on the front steps. I hope it looks welcoming and warm.

Jan Cline said...

I must say I have been lazy about making my front door welcome lately. Thanks for the reminder to be approachable. Great post.

Jess said...

Hopefully the toys scattered all over our front yard are welcoming ;) Certainly if you are under 5 our house looks pretty fun. I have been meaning to change my wreath from a summer theme to a fall one this week. Maybe I'll have a few minutes tomorrow...oh and I love your porch, like a lot!!!

SomeGirl said...

Oh, what a good point! I hadn't thought about that! Until this morning my front porch would have said, "This person needs to buy a broom!" Now, I'll have to go think about how to make my front door/porch inviting. Thank you!

(found you through A Steady Rain)

rachel_erin said...

Love this thought!! I have some Fall mums on our porch for the first time! I hope that it adds to the welcoming feeling of our house!! Thanks SO much for linking up today!

OvercomingBusy said...

I agree. The front door needs to be inviting and welcoming, just like our faces need to be! It's hard to change the world if we are chasing it away!