Thursday, September 30, 2010

Relationships that Reach Out

Yesterday I shared some of my story of the Greatest Relationship in my life. My Jesus. If I really "know" Him, "love" Him, and my life is different because of Him, then shouldn't it change the way I live? What I say? What I write? My earthly relationships?

It does.
Does it for you?

SHARING the Greatest Relationship

 Because I know my life with Christ is totally different than my life would've been without Christ, I want to share that relationship. As a mom of a teenage daughter, I see so much potential for women of faith to influence girls around us. I love to help teen girls see how a relationship with Jesus looks in the challenges of their daily lives. I want to invite you to click here and see the newest issue of 2:21mag online, an online magazine for teen girls. As part of "Team Teen," our heart's desire is to: "encourage teenage girls to live lives that glorify Christ. We focus on bringing relevant, fun, Godly content to teens. We put out a quarterly full color and length magazine that we pray encourages girls to look to Christ for their fulfillment." Doesn't that sound awesome???


See the newest issue of 2:21mag (Fall 2010) and check out "Dear Daughter" on pages 14-16, a letter column I write to girls who want to know how their relationship with Jesus impacts life where they live. I love to speak to teen girls about faith and life, so if you have a group and need someone to come and share, I would love to come and partner with you. We want them to know the richness of relationship with Jesus.

How is God opening doors for YOU to influence others out of your relationship with Him?

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