Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sanctified Together

Tomorrow I want to talk about DETRITUS and what it has to do with my life and yours!!! Can't wait. I hope you'll join me when I share what the Lord showed me through His Word and His creation while we were away camping last week. I can hardly hold it in, but I'm saving it for Thursday. ;)

Today I want to invite you to click here to see "Sanctified Together", a quarterly online publication produced by sisters Christina and Alisa of Faith Imagined. Sanctified Together is a compassion and discipleship resource. This issue's theme is focused on God's truth that says, "Life is a Vapor". I am honored to have a piece titled "Divine Obstacles" included. It may sound familiar to some of my blog friends. I hope you'll take time to click over and be encouraged.

"Divine Obstacles"

Would you like to know what God has rescued you from? If He's working for our good, there must be some near misses and mistakes we've been spared. Someday, maybe our Heavenly Father will draw us close and share stories of divine obstacles He used to steer and clear our pathways.

My husband and I were trying to sell our van and get a different car. On Tuesday, we found the perfect new car for us. My husband went to "seal the deal," and our oldest went along for the ride; I went the other way for a doctor's appointment with our youngest. It wasn't long before I began to get text updates, chronically the crumbling of our excitement. Our daughter gave me the play by play, seen through the eyes of a teenager listening to her dad work with the salesman. It was the wrong car for us, and we were back to square one. Read More

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Warren Baldwin said...

Very good post. Where were you driving that you had moose? We used to live in Cody, WY and we often did see moose on the side of the road and had to be alert that one wasn't crossig. I miss that country.

Joan said...

Julie - I enjoyed reading your article in Sanctified Together and I lover your blog. I will be back to visit again soon.