Friday, February 5, 2010

Those Little Cell Phones ...

If you came over from the Internet Cafe Devotions today, welcome! I hope you'll find a little inspiration for some peace today as you read about topics here like Discipleship and Marriage and Food ;)

If you are one of my regular readers, I am enjoying being the "guest barista" today over at the Internet Cafe. It combines some of my great loves ... God's truth and people who pursue Him, all under the theme of a steaming cup of something yummy (going to go fill myself a new cup in honor of that thought). I love spending time in a cafe with a friend, because it is a place to let life and truth intersect with friendship. It's also a great place to "people watch," but that was yesterday's post.

For my faithful readers here's a taste of what's brewing at the Internet Cafe in my post today. I hope you'll click below to visit there and read the whole post. As you know, sometimes the sweetest part is the last gulp from the cup! ;)

So many passed me that I barely noticed them against the brick buildings, fences, and advertisements. On busy sidewalks of a city once known for its hospitality, they walked across the street and out of buildings, hands to ears, lips moving, eyes straight ahead. “Cell phone talkers” in their own worlds.

They look like me, but with cute phone covers. read more ...

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