Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getting your Christmas spirit back!

Ten ways to know you are losing the Christmas spirit ...

  • you do not tell the cashier to have a nice day when you walk away
  • you steal parking places from other shoppers and laugh like a villain
  • Mission Impossible music starts playing in your mind when you approach the toy aisle
  • when you hear "the most wonderful time of the year" playing in the mall, you smirk
  • as you walk past a bell ringer with a red pot, you imagine yourself grabbing it & running
  • while packing wrapped gifts to mail, you crush the boxes to make them fit
  • your aunt's fruitcake ends up in the bird feeder
  • you keep the teacher's gift card for yourself when your child gets a B on their report card
  • when you walk out of Target you can NOT find your car, so you go back in & shop again
  • you hope your friend will think their gift was damaged in packing, but it came from clearance
Ten ways to get your Christmas spirit back ...
  • stand at the door of your church Sunday and welcome people
  • pray for the receiver of a gift before you wrap it
  • find out when chapel is at a homeless shelter and just go attend ... see what happens
  • read the obituary page of the paper
  • Read Luke 2 .... every day
  • buy a gift for someone in need who can not pay you back ... secret is better
  • Memorize Isaiah 9:6 ... click here to see it or to print out
  • pay for the drive-thru order of the person in line behind you
  • call an old friend and before you go ask how you can pray for them
  • write Jesus a letter thanking Him for coming to earth when He didn't have to

Today makes 10 days til Christmas, depending on how you count. If you find yourself falling into one of the 10 traps on the top list, pick one on the bottom and ask the Lord to help restore His spirit in your mindset, what we often call "the Spirit of Christmas." Would love to hear how your spirit is doing....

Joy to you today!

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Cindy Bultema said...

Love, love, love your post!! I appreciate your list of ways to get your Christmas spirit back. What fun ideas! As always, thanks for the blessing and encouragement, Julie!!
Merry CHRISTmas to you!!
Cindy :)

Anonymous said...

Julie, I really enjoyed today's post. I plan to use some of your ideas on the 2nd list :-) Unfortunately I probably have been guilty of some on the 1st list! Have a joy-filled day! Love, Jenny C.

Anonymous said...


I was cracking up at the first list....not that I would do too much of that...hopefully....
Thanks for sharing the 2nd list too. I pray that we all maintain the true Spirit of Christmas...all year round.

(-: Brook

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

Girls, I really want to say I've never done ANY of list #1 ... but those ideas came from somewhere. Thankfully the Spirit usually rules out.

Yes, Merry CHRISTmas!

MuviCut said...

ha ha ha - I really appreciate your approach to Christmas and Christmas spirit.
Loved it - Great !