Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Divine Appointments

When shepherds decided to stop on a hill near Bethlehem for the night, it was a divine appt.

When magi from the east stopped in to see Herod in search of Jesus, it was a divine appt.

When Joseph found the one inn keeper who offered them his vacant stable, it was a divine appt.

When pregnant Elizabeth opened the door to see her young relative Mary, it was a divine appt. (artwork by Carl Bloch)

Christmas is still a time of divine appointments. Have you had one lately? Are you asking for them? Are you watching for them?

Due to my teaching background, I had the privilege of being asked to substitute in a special education classroom Monday. I don't sub often since I'm homeschooling this year, but Jake was off to co-op, and I received the request & knew at once I needed to go. It's a room where I never know what I'll face, but I always leave knowing it was a divine appt.

I worked with a teaching partner I met in years past. As we talked before students arrived, she shared about the absent teacher ... away helping her elderly mother just diagnosed with advanced cancer in addition to prior Alzheimer's. In minutes the teacher told me about her friend's challenges and shared she, too, was dealing with the burden of a declining mother ... also diagnosed with advanced cancer and Alzheimer's. Before the clock turned to 9, I knew why God called me to that room.

Students arrived and the day pressed on with opportunities to be patient, to be compassionate, to be effective, and to bring peace to a sometimes strained room where the teacher has burdens of her own. Things of the day gave us time to work together, help each other, and know each other. When the students left at the end of the day, we chatted and prepared to go home ... and then she sat down across from me. For the next 1/2 hour she shared about her heaviness of heart and her questions. I listened and cared and asked the Lord to give me what was needed. When she paused long, I asked if I could pray for her and for her absent friend. She seemed overwhelmed, but glad.

I prayed for her and her family, for her teaching partner and her family. I tried to ignore the fact they don't know my Jesus and just talked directly to Him on her behalf. When we finished, she wiped her tears away and thanked me. I really believe it was a divine appt. I couldn't have known the need, set it up, arranged for the opportunity, or contrived her sharing. It was out of my hands and from God's. Please pray for "teacher A & B" as they face deep grief together in weeks to come and as they search for answers to questions that life and death raise. Maybe you'll be their next divine appt. I would love that.

Let's be watching .... be expecting ... be asking ... for divine appointments. Merry CHRISTmas.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Julie!

I am so thankful for divine appointments...I'm sure it's how I came to really know Christ. God is so good to give us those precious time where we can carry His hope to the hurting. Being a vessel for Him feels better than anything else this world can offer.