Monday, August 3, 2009

Great Time for a Clothing Swap!

With the economy challenging all of us to rethink stewardship of our resources, people are using some new and not-so-new ideas to stretch their dollars. If you're like me, you've been through the gauntlet of yard sales, thrift stores, consignment stores (what's more discouraging than having your stuff rejected at one of these!?!?!), and clearance racks. While we can get resourceful with rummaging, we don't want to LOOK or SMELL like we came from the bottom of a grab bag. Look here to see what a "clothing swap" is in general.

Starting back to school is great motivation for reviving old ways to meet new needs or size requirements. Funniest thing about kids ... they just keep growing. So our church is hosting a clothing swap meet on August 12th. They're asking for clean clothes to be donated, bagged by gender and size. Volunteers will organize the items and set them up in a "shop" for families to come and check out. What a great way to meet each others needs and be good stewards of our resources. This year, more than many in a long while, people can use the help.

Clothing swaps don't have to be just for kids. Check out this article about successful swap meets (or "swish" meets). What makes us so reluctant to shop at a swap? Hmmmm... I'll just speak for myself:

  • - pride?
  • - fear that no one will want my things?
  • - worry that I will be wearing things from some one I know?
  • - pride?
  • - thinking I have to get things from the season's "new" line?
  • - wanting something no one else has had?
  • - pride?

Well, you get the picture. This idea of swapping and sharing isn't new. It happened in the early church! Just check out the story from Acts by clicking here.

If you are curious about organizing a clothing swap for your circle of friends, read these ideas about one approach, giving instructions for getting started.

So take an hour to clean out your drawers and then be a blessing to other believers or other "outsiders" who may have a need ... just like you and me. And besides, that little green dress that never looked right on me ... I think it may be perfect on YOU! :)

Do you have ideas you can share from experience with a swap meet?

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Kristi said...

So great to hear your church is hosting a swap! We had our first ever swap in May. I enjoyed your list of reasons we might not want to take things from a swap - it was amazing to me how MUCH stuff we had, but how few people came back the next day to shop! I was expecting it to be the other way around - more shoppers than swappers, but that was not the case. We're hoping to do another one before Christmas mainly for toys - I hope that people will be willing to participate both with donations AND with taking what would help their family.

Personally, I am quite in favor of used clothing and toys! :)

Here was my post about our swap:

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

Maybe we don't want to look "needy" or maybe we don't want to take things if someone else needs it more. It's so true, though, that we allow people to experience blessing when they give. So .... first share, then shop. :)