Thursday, August 6, 2009

Divine Obstacles

We're trying to sell our van and get a different car. On Tuesday, we were convinced we found the perfect new (ok, really used, but new to us ...) car for us. Jeff went to "seal the deal," and JoHanna went along for the ride, while I went the other way for a doctor's appt. with Jacob. It wasn't long before I began to get her text updates, slowly chronically the step by step crumbling of our excitement and happiness. She gave me the play by play report, seen through the eyes and ears of a teenager listening to her dad work with the salesman. It was not going to be our car. It was the wrong car for us, and we were back at square one (ok, still there... ).

We had prayed that God would stop the transaction if it was not right, and He did. Imagine that. Hmph. Divinely blocked.

When we were traveling a few weeks ago, we found ourselves driving at night on windy roads that led through black canyons. Signs like this one dotted the roadsides. After a full day of fun, we were tired and ready for bed, but we found ourselves following a slow moving tanker truck blocking our progress. The posted speed limit? Just a goal we couldn't reach, and Jeff began to get antsy. He was doing the "pivot and swerve" check periodically to see if there was a place to pass. He had nuthin'.

"You know," I suggested, "you might just get comfortable here behind this truck. We could encounter a moose or antelope or deer along the road, and he would mow it down before we even got to it. He may save our lives." Scoffing, teasing, and general jabs at mom ensued. :) I waited.

Two minutes later (I wasn't timing it, but Jeff tells it this way) the brake lights on the truck flashed, and the tanker bobbled a bit just before we saw what looked like the Kroger meat case, minus the price tags, come flying at us. We're not sure what it had been, since it was mangled when the truck hurled it our way, but we drove over the remains like you would a speed bump by a playground.

Divinely placed obstacle, once thought to be inconvenient and irritating, had prevented a greater disaster. Maybe it saved our lives. Silly us. We had tried so hard to "get around it".

We often pray about decisions and events in life, then we wonder and worry and whine about the seeming obstacles that get in our way. Do you find yourself "trying to pass" them? They may be the loving placement of a caring Father, watching out for the good of His children. Keeping us from the wrong car ... or job ... or spouse ... Divinely placed for our good. I love this familiar reminder of God's heart for His own:

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Instead of being frustrated with what I see as "obstacles" in life today, help me to give you thanks for using creative ways to care for me, keep me from harm, and work all things for my good. I trust you to go before me and clear the path that's best for me. Teach me to be patient and to see all things through Your eyes.

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Heidi Pocketbook said...

An excellent post, Julie. God has blessed you with awesome writing skills.

Courtney said...

I agree with Heidi I was just thinking before I even read her comment - this needs to be published. I read books everyday and this one post is better than most I've been reading lately!!! It moved me - opened my eyes to think differently - entertained me - wow'ed me even! Yes, thank you today for this post - truly moving. So true - thank you for putting this truth so clearly.

DevoLink said...

Deb and I agree. God is good.