Monday, May 4, 2009

Pie and Mothering

So, what does coconut cream pie have to do with Mother's Day?

As I mentioned last post, in our adult lives we haven't had the privilege of living near to either our mothers or grandmothers. In our transient culture today, many people can relate. As people move for new jobs or relocation, many more are experiencing what it is to be away from mom on Mother's Day. Our lives have been blessed with friendships through the years that have given us up close glimpses into the lives of women who long to be mothers, pray to be mothers, or experience painful parts of motherhood. Mother's Day encompasses more than you would guess when scanning the card racks. It isn't an easy day for all.

But "coconut cream pie"? Since we have lived "away," God has been so good to put women in our lives who have often been "mother arms and hearts" to us. Just last week, we celebrated Jeff's birthday, and his mom is much too far away to make one of her specialties. I have often done my best to recreate them, but I've never mastered "the coconut cream pie." (Jeff thinks I have, and we sometimes banter over whether I ever even made one. He remembers a great success, and I don't even remember trying! Maybe that's the ultimate example of thinking the best of each other.) But at our church there is a coconut cream pie maker extraordinaire!

Mildred. We met her at the dessert end of the table at a church anniversary picnic, and it was love at first bite. Why compete with perfection? We scope her out at any event involving food, and she loves it that Jeff is her #1 fan. When I asked what he wanted most for his birthday, he said, "Coconut cream pie." For the 2nd year in a row, I called Mildred. She came through with a beautifully presented, even better tasting, work of art.

Pie makes a great picture, but God has also given us Becky, Murtha, Carol, Linda, Cathy, Flor, Patti, and others along the way. Women have the God given resources and desires to mother, and I'm so thankful for those who have mothered us through prayer, encouragement, time, teaching, reproof, and even pie. Many of them have been spiritual mothers to us. It's a legacy I hope I will one day be known for ... mothering those God brings across my path, knowing that somewhere far away or just down the street, another mother is really glad.

Has God blessed you with another mother in your life?

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful - another meaningful way to think of Mother's Day :-) I'm wondering, does Mildred ever share her pie recipe? Hmmmm.... Love, Jenny

Julie said...

When I asked, she just said, "Oh, you don't need a recipe." :) Sounds like Grandma's biscuits ...

Krista said...

That coconut cream pie looks yummy! There are several women in my life that I consider my spiritual mothers. I haven't seen my own since I was 12 and God has provided so richly in my life.

Great post! Blessings,