Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day ~ Part 3

A new mom, who ministers to youth at our church, was our third guest. Having modeled a joyful spirit on the soccer field and on the sidelines, she shared her newborn and invited the friendship of my younger daughter of the King. She recalled the feelings of her teenage years, the emotions of years marked by relationships and changes, beginning to search for fulfillment.

Yet, “God is the strength of my heart,” Ps. 73:26, and she testified that we must, “Embrace the Emotions God created in you.”
The teenage years are marked by instincts to want to fit in one week, wanting to be different the next. Don’t just be different, she encouraged, make a difference. Go “MAD” for Jesus, “Make a Difference for Jesus,” was her motto since her own teen years. His focus is what you can trust to fulfill you.

Our final guest shared from her heart. A graphic artist on our church staff, this single friend often participates in worship. Always noticing my daughter, she has established a comfortable flow of friendship with both generations of our family. Speaking from her creative spirit, this role model urged my daughter to, “Embrace the Purpose God made you for.” Though God has unique purposes for each woman, the world around us can often cloud our pathway.
When a woman weighs her options in life, we can seek wisdom from that which is a “lamp to my feet and a light to my path,” Ps. 119:105.

His truth is what you can trust to guide you.

They had not coordinated their thoughts nor compared their gifts. Priceless truths were spoken by other voices, role models, proven friends. Divinely gathered by our Father, they shared a priceless message at a pivotal moment in the life of one of the King’s daughters, my daughter. We plan for streamers, cake, and movies, but beautiful gifts await when we invite the women of God to unwrap the treasures of their journeys with Him. It’s one of the ways that we, as women of God, “mother” those who cross our paths.

When I "look behind me" down my life's path, I see godly women who have shared in mothering me, beginning with my own godly mother. It's a rich heritage that many have shared in, and I have much to be thankful for on Mother's Day and much to be challenged to carry on. God delights in us, His women, as we "mother" those in our lives and add much of the beauty, gentleness, kindness, and tenderness to the world. We're in good company.

Happy Mother’s Day,

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daniele @ domestic serenity said...

a blessed mother's day to you, hope it has been filled with good memories. thanks so much for the prayers for my pregnancy~appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

You shared in "mothering" me with your godly wisdom throughout my high school years. I will never forget the time you shared about purity. All the girls from the youth group were sitting in your living room, and you shared about how saving ourselves for our spouse is like a bouquet, the "rose" represents our actualy virginity, while the "flowers" and other "greenery" represented other physical and emotional intimate things that we should save for our spouse. You shared how it's not about just about giving our spouse a rose but the whole bouquet. I talked with my boyfriend at the time and made clearer boundaries, and I'm glad I did because I ended up marrying his best friend years later (and he was in our wedding).
Becca Ware