Monday, May 11, 2009

One other "Mom" thought

Being a mom means that every day is filled with decisions. It's great motivation for prayers for wisdom, confession, and just "crying out to God" in general. I'm glad each day is new. Before Mother's Day is too far gone, I have to reflect on some of the things I am so glad my own mom did let me do and some of the things she didn't let me do. She steered me one day at a time, and it made such a difference in my life.
Thanks, Mom

1. She let me go barefoot and play outside all day long in the summer
2. She let me dig up little onions in the yard and eat them for "pioneer" food
3. She let me cut all of my dolls' hair and draw on their skin :)
4. She let me doodle and color to my heart's content
5. She let (ok, made) me listen to scripture songs so much that they are engrained in my memory

6. She did not let me watch tv with immodest women (not even I Dream of Genie!)
7. She did not let me get away with saying mean things about my little sister, but made me call and apologize to the church lady I said the mean things to :/
8. She did not let me date "that boy" that kept asking me out in high school, and I'm so glad she didn't give in
9. She did not let me eat a whole bowl of cake batter in one sitting
10. She did not let me grow up without knowing that God loves me

364 more days 'til the next Mother's Day. A lot of decisions of what to do and what not to do between then and now. Great motivation to pray! What are you thankful for that your mom did/didn't do with you?

Thank you for guiding my own mom to nurture me and for giving her perseverance for each day when I was young. Give me wisdom today to raise my children to be the people you want them to be. Thank you for your Holy Spirit to help and steer me. It gives me great comfort and relief to know You're watching out for me as I keep growing in motherhood and for my kids as they grow.

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Anonymous said...

Julie - I loved that! I hope you give a copy to your mother ;-) Thank you for encouraging me to be a godly mother all year around! You're a blessing. Love, Jenny