Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day ~ Part 1

In honor of Mother’s Day, I want to spend the next few days reflecting on how women can provide “mothering” to one another, especially to the younger women coming behind them. Often these women do not have biological children of their own, and yet they imprint themselves through “spiritually mothering” those whose paths they cross. When my daughter celebrated her 13th birthday, I enjoyed a gathering of such “mothers,” and for the next several days, I want to share their gifts, in honor of Mother’s Day.

We had enjoyed a sleepover with friends, complete with snacks, cake, movie, and games. We celebrated with grandparents and lunch at her favorite restaurant. But there was one more marker to be placed.

With a lace tablecloth, sugar cubes, stemware and teacups, the transformation was complete for something unique to take place. A red kerosene lamp glowed in the middle, giving off a scent of things long ago.

Our guests began to arrive, their joyful demeanor affirming why they were chosen. Already women who noticed, reached out to, spoke to, and nurtured my girl, they were easily the kind of examples I was glad to have in her life. I thanked them for coming and being women who were already admired and respected. Once we prayed, coffee and tea flowed freely, and we devoured our brunch in a way not too unlike the slumber party girls had days before. As the lamp began to smolder, the gifts began to be given, and my friends joined me in mothering my young lady. I hope you’ll stop in tomorrow as I share the first two gifts, in honor of all the ways that women “mother.”

Anticipating Mother's Day,

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