Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer ~ Day 3

Today we consider our Protection and Provision, our Military and our Economy. These areas are near the surface of so many hearts on this National Day of Prayer.

We can take our deepest thoughts, fears, and concerns to El Shaddai, "All Sufficient One," Jehovah Sabaoth, "Lord of Hosts" (commanding angelic hosts and armies of God), Jehovah Nissi, "The Lord our Banner" (on the battlefield), and Jehovah Jireh, "The Lord our Provider." He is all these things, and He is ready to hear us call to Him.

I am so thankful that every day is a personal day of prayer. Today, let's celebrate this as the National Day of Prayer!

Prayer for our Protection and Provision

Our courageous troops are serving our nation every day around the world and within our own land. They are placed under great stress and pressure as they face danger and decisions. Their sacrifice and that of their loved ones is defending our way of life and freedom. Uphold them in prayer by praying:
- For the safety and decision making of leaders and troops on land, air, and sea
- For the strain of transitions, separations, frequent moves, and pressures faced by military families. Ask God to guard the marriages of separated personnel.
- Pray for our soldiers as they are the “ambassadors” of the US to the people around the world
- Ask for comfort for those who are newly on the field and those longing to be home
- Pray for those families who are adjusting to the absence of lost loved ones and to those hearing the news of injury or loss of life
- Pray for the Christians in the armed forces and the Chaplains, in particular, as they meet the spiritual needs of the forces and share Christ in the midst of hardship
- Ask God to steer our media in representing the US military in a fair and impartial manner
- Pray that returning soldiers will be treated with respect, appreciation, and care as they come home to re-enter lives in the US and to have any post-field needs met
- Pray for times of rest and refreshment for those in “dark” places
- Pray for support and encouragement for those who carry the extra loads at home in the US

It’s no secret that these are days of uncertainty, not only in our country, but around the world. God still calls us to “seek first His kingdom” while living in this world. Our nation has long enjoyed abundance. Let’s lift up our need for wisdom now.
- Pray for our nation’s business leaders to be people of character and integrity
- Ask God to bless those who are honest and honor His ways
- Pray for those who are out of work to turn to God in their time of need and ask God to provide for them as they seek Him
- Pray for Christians to make financial decisions based on God’s priorities for their needs
- Ask that believers will be divinely reminded to give God praise for having their needs met
- Ask God to sustain those things that are “needed” by His people so that repair costs are few
- Pray that in time of financial pressure and need, Christians will be ready to share our reason for hope, our source of strength
- Ask God to help His people grow in generosity during these days and to find new ways to give
- Pray that God would cover His people with a sense of peace and trust that will overflow and impact those around us in our nation
- Ask God to use His Church and groups, such as KARM, to meet needs in compassionate ways

Praying that this day will include some sweet time of prayer for you and that God's provisions will only be explained as coming from Him. Praying that the world will see and know He is God,

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Courtney said...

Thank you for running this series - I have been praying with you. I have "copied" you twice this week on my blog - you have been so on point I just can't help myself!!! Thanks for being an inspiration!