Monday, February 6, 2012

Marriage Mondays: 10 Valentine's Gifts for Your Man

I'm pretty sure Jeff will never give me a commemorative Superbowl jersey for Valentine's Day ... because I wouldn't want it. He has a good grasp of what I love, and he knows "football jersey" just won't ever show up on my list. But this post isn't about how get our man to know what to put on OUR list of "happies." No, this post is about 10 Valentine's Gifts for Your Man. Do you know what your man really wants? What would shout "love" to him?

In talking about how older wives influence younger wives, they're supposed to "urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God" (Titus 2:4-5). Valentine's Day is a good opportunity to get busy and show kindness and love to our husbands, by learning what means a lot to them. It's pretty cool that in loving our man well, we honor the word of God!  Woohoo!  In case you're waffling between Couples Massage (shame on you ... just admit that's selfish ;) ) and a Pedi for 2, let me give you some other ideas to think about.

10 Valentine's Gifts for Your Man

  1. Say "thank you for" and add on a specific ending of your own, like "taking out the trash so much," or "helping with the dishes," or "being careful with our money," or "going to church with me regularly," or "making me feel safe." Say thank you, and look in his eyes when you do it.
  2. Touch him with intimate intentions. A little batting of the eyelashes is a nice complement to this one. 
  3. Watch his tv show with him. Jeff is currently loving "Gold Rush Alaska," so I am hoping for the camps to bring in enough gold to make the summer a success ... right along with my man. ;) Don't call us Friday nights at 9 pm. ;)
  4. Have an awesome dinner ready for him. This one will have to wait for Wednesday for me, but it will happen!
  5. Put a little something flirtatious in his bag, brief case, etc. You be creative. Red IS a Valentine color ...
  6. Go have lunch with him at his work place. 
  7. Give him a direct invitation to intimacy. Deliver it early in the day via email or text or phone, so he can enjoy the anticipation, but then be prepared to deliver!
  8. Speak well of him to another person.
  9. Don't wear a whole bunch of flannel to bed and leave the door wide open "to hear the kids." :)  'Nuff said.
  10. Ask for his opinion about something in your life ... work, kids' school, friendship, household item.
And hey, if all else fails, get a commemorative Superbowl jersey and wear it to bed. He'll probably like that too. ;)
  • Tomorrow I'll be sharing a super easy Crescent Roll Valentine idea on Tasty Tuesday. 
  • Later this week I'll be posting "Day Two" of 7 Days in a Cafe.

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Celia Ann Currin said...

Well said!!

Julie_Sanders said...

Thanks Celia ;)
Julie Sanders

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