Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Days in a Cafe ~ Day ONE

If you watched my first vlog, you've heard about 7 Days in a Cafe. If you got my last post via email, I'm not sure the vlog showed up, so click here to see what you missed!

So today is my first of the "Days in a Cafe." I'm at my most favorite coffee shop - The Remedy. I thought it was a good place to start to watch, listen, and learn about people and God's love for them. It caused me to think about what makes this spot my favorite ...

When you walk in, the wooden floors are soft and smooth, with the evidence of many feet from all walks of life. I'm barely through the door, when the barista Matt calls out, "Hey Julie!"  "Hey Matt!" I answer back. The February sun is coming in the full length glass front windows, and the light catches on the faces of each person spending a piece of their day here. The barista calls out to me to see if my decaf is okay, because he made it with decaf espresso; he knows I like it strong. 

The 30 something data analyst taking a break to house hunt on his laptop, the couple sharing a full pot next to the window, the older man in the khaki jacket leaning on the counter, and the couple strolling in with a new baby.  I guess they're on a date. We are, too, but our "babies" are taking Geometry and Spanish 3 tests today. The girls by the window are talking about Twitter and about politicians they've heard about who do foolish things; they laugh and move on to talk about the Cancer Society not supporting Planned Parenthood. As we all sit and sip our coffees, the song "Evil is Alive and Well" plays, and the two girls stop talking and just hum. The train runs by the back of the building and blows its whistle on the way to the bridge where homeless people hang out before dinner ... and after. The barista sings a little harmony with "Evil is Alive and Well," and the data analyst joins in. 

Except for the sound of the man in the back talking about the rise in earthquake frequency, it's really quiet. The barista actually has good voice. Someone walks in and shakes the barista's hand. The new man sits down at their table. The data analyst says, "Good to see you, buddy."  They talk about the Reuben sandwich up the street, and they ask us how much it is; they know Jeff had one this week. We all talk about what we like for lunch. We recommend what's good to each other. People come here, because here they're known. Yes, the coffee is good, but people are known, and that's really good.

People seem to be drawn to where we're known and to who knows us. God knows that. Matt. 6:8 says, "your Father knows what you need before you ask him." 

Can we take that sweet quality of "knowing" people with us when we leave the Remedy? Sometimes the floors of life are not soft yet from the polishing of steady feet. Sometimes the floors are rough or slick, and no one greets you when you arrive. Sometimes even church is like that, but what if we took that "knowing" with us when we go? What if we say "Hey" and use people's names? What if we remember things like how we like our coffee? What if we hum? What if we help people know what's good? What if we help people know WHO is good? God is good, and He knows us best of all. 

My first day in a cafe is almost over. It's almost time to pack up and leave.  The song has changed. It's not about evil anymore. Now it's "This is home. I've been searching for a place of my own ... " I think I'll hum that when I get up to leave, and I'll take it with me. It feels so good to know and be known. People long for that, and sometimes they go into a cafe to find it. Maybe they can find that with people who know God, and then maybe they'll find they want to know Him too. 

So good to know you,

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Pamela Seay said...

We feel the same way about our Barista, Steve and Joe Muggs.  We go enough to know who the regulars are and it is a comfortable place to be.  Robert has gone to the Remedy with his photographer friends.  He said it is very nice.

Julie_Sanders said...

Is "Muggs" their real name? It would be so easy to figure out your "purpose" in life with a name like that! :) Julie Sanders

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JennB said...

You said it so well, Julie: "It feels so good to know and be known. . . "
To know and be known by people and our God Who created us!
Thanks for your fresh perspective!