Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tasty Tuesday ~ Thankful for friend meals!

On this Tasty Tuesday, I'm not cooking much myself, but I'm giving thanks for friends who have shared gifts from their kitchen to care for us while we've been in "survival mode." They inspire me to look forward to the next time my kitchen can be the place where I create a way to say "I care."

On Tuesdays we're inspired by the recipes we read
for soups and muffins, cobblers, roasts and things I like to feed.
But today I'm giving thanks for friends in giving of themselves,
From their kitchens and their pantries, from their mites and from their shelves.

It's when my cupboard's bare and when my body's at its weakest
That the dinner table's drafty and our menu is its bleakest.
But what a gift when friends come by with meals because they cared,
made of what speaks love to them, from what they had and shared.

It's such a help when food comes in a plastic box or dishes,
Delivered from a knowing cook, wrapped with her love and wishes.
The food is such a help whenever home is in commotion;
don't ever think it's not a gift. Who though of such a notion?

Kitchens are for things like talks and homework, bills, and reading,
a place for welcome homes, for parties, goodnights, hugs, and feeding.
Kitchens are for thinking and for lifting prayers above,
a place to do the work for meals to send to show your love.

(My favorite website for helping to plan a schedule for multiple meals for a needy friend is Food Tidings.)
~ When was the last time someone blessed you with a gift of food? November is a great month to "Bake & Bless!"
~ When was the last time you had the chance to bless someone else with a gift of food? 
~ Cold and flu season is near (Speaking from 1st hand experience) ... are you prepared to "care"?

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