Monday, November 7, 2011

Marriage Mondays: What are You Waiting For?

It's not hard to figure out why a book titled What are You Waiting For? - The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex intrigued me. After all, I'm the mother of two teenagers, and I'm always on the lookout for great resources. I'm also also keeping my eyes open for books to recommend in our Women's Ministry and to you, my lovely Come Have a Peace readers. I don't recommend books lightly. There's a lot of garbage out there.

When I read, I'm always looking for a book that: 

  • is compatible with God's Word, not contradictory
  • helps me know God better, not confuse me
  • takes my thoughts to godly things, not worldly things
  • makes me more like Jesus, not more like His enemy
I don't ever want to recommend a title here unless it meets that criteria. When I picked up this new title from Dannah Gresh, I was expecting a helpful book for my teens and for other moms of teens ... and I was right, in part. 

Dannah is the author of And the Bride Wore White and Lies Young Women Believe (co-authored w/Nancy Leigh DeMoss). In What Are You Waiting For Dannah really does share something no one ever told me about sex!  No kidding.  And it really does rock my marriage world.  NOOOOOO ... I'm not going to tell you and spoil it! :)   I want you to read it for yourself and be so moved, as I was. She also deals with topics like honest talk about pornography, lesbianism, dealing with sexual guilt, intimate boundaries before marriage, and what's behind the power of romantic bonds before we say "I do." Some writers address delicate topics that deserve to be approached with dignity in an undignified manner, but Dannah dealt with issues like masturbation and virginity with respect and truth.

I've already told my daughter she HAS to reach this asap. I can't wait to talk to her about it, and I want her to share it with her friends. But what I didn't expect was that I would want to share it with MY friends. Dannah did more than share meaningful statistics and practical advice (tho' that's in there, too), she presents deep Biblical teaching in a really accessible, unintimidating way. What she shares gave me insight that unlocked some understanding about "old things" in my dating past, my courtship with Jeff, and our 21+ years of marriage.  I had more than a few "ah ha" moments while reading What are You Waiting For

The time changed this weekend, and that means darkness comes a lot earlier and lasts a lot longer. If we're not careful, we can waste a winter of early evenings doing things like hopping around social media sites for hours on end or catching ever episode of Season 2 Ice Road Truckers.  Can I challenge you, blog friend, to pick up a good book and use the time to strengthen your spirit and use the cold season as a time to deepen your roots and grow? 

Dannah says, "My sexual desire is meant to draw me to my husband, and any act that does otherwise abuses and misuses that desire."  What are You Waiting For is a must read for teenagers looking to walk with God through years of romance readiness, but it would be a shame for college gals and adult women (and I told Jeff I want him to read it), single or married, to miss out on this enlightening read.

You can find out more about Dannah's ministry and What are You Waiting For here on her website.

It's going to get dark earlier tonight on this Marriage Monday .... what will you read to help you be a wife who is drawn to her husband?

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Delia said...

Sounds like I should check it out! Thanks for sharing.

Dannahgresh said...

Wow! Thanks for the loving review. So happy to know it touched you!

Kalyn Comings said...

Sounds like a great book! Thank you for reviewing it for us!