Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What to do with your chip

We got a chip in our windshield ... weeks ago. We ignored it ... for weeks. We were busy. We're on a budget. We were busy. Did I say we were too busy to deal with the chip? ;)

But ignored chips turn into small cracks, and as they're exposed to the elements of life (like wind, rain, changes in temperature), those small cracks get bigger. I know where we're headed ... to a shattered windshield. If we don't find time to deal with this crack, we're going to have a bigger problem on our hands, and our "busyness" will be halted at a time not of our choice. It could even get dangerous.

As I've watched the chip morph into a crack and then watched the crack creep across the windshield toward my direct sight, the Lord has turned my thoughts to my life.

Are there chips in my life I'm ignoring? Maybe they're not directly in my line of vision; maybe they're in the "outer edges." Maybe no one else has noticed yet.

Do I really think my life's chip won't morph into a crack? Life elements will come, like stress, physical issues, disappointment, sin, and changes in relational climates. With each, the crack will lengthen.

Song of Solomon 2:15
Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom.

What am I waiting for? If I'm too busy to address the little chips and cracks in my life, I'm too busy. Or I'm too busy with the wrong things.

Does my life really have to shatter and hurt someone, before I deal with that "little" chip? I can't choose the time or place or circumstances when the crack will shatter. 

It's raining at my house today, and the weather has turned colder. The crack is bigger today than it was yesterday. It's past time to do something.

Do you have a chip you need to take care of?

Congratulations to Dana, the winner of our giveaway this week with Marriage Mondays. Dana was chosen by, but she is also the granddaughter of Elaine and Hugh, the couple we were so inspired by on Monday's Marriage Survivor story. Watch for a new giveaway next Monday, along with a new story to encourage and challenge us all!

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yolanda campbell said...

I so agree with post . I amglad you shared this. You have a wonderful writing style.

Julie_Sanders said...

Thank you Yolanda. I'm glad you were encouraged.

Julie Sanders


Barbie said...

Yikes!  I have a cracked windshield for real that I've been ignoring.  Must take care of that.  And I pray that I don't have any chips or cracks in that I am ignoring in my life.  Hopefully, God will reveal them to me if so!

Julie_Sanders said...

That's a great way to pray, Barbie. Lord, show me any cracks or ships that need attention!

Julie Sanders