Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where am I???

Friends, this is a strange week. It's been peppered with so many good things, but there's been a little "undercurrent" of the weird. Let me explain ... briefly.

I shared a little last week (no time to link there, but just scroll back to find it) about a recent diagnosis regarding the hearing in my right ear. As part of that, I have been taking Prednisone ...  and I'm definitely feeling like I'm on steroids. :?  I've now gotten to the "really energetic, very productive" stage of the meds, (not a lot of sleeping going on) and I know that next week I'll start "coming down" from that. A benefit? I'm typing VERY fast. :) A danger ... I think I scared a few people when I jogged through Wal-mart this afternoon with my cart "full" of 4 items.  

I'm so thankful I'm typing fast, though, because I've had the chance to help my hubby get some last minute preparations done for 1 Corinthians curriculum he is teaching to a leadership group in Eastern Europe next week. It's WONDERFUL material he has designed; he's a great Bible teacher. I've had the pleasure of prepping it ... and haven't complained .. much. :) So my "blog time" has been diverted to my man's project.

Speaking of my man leaving for Eastern Europe. I appreciate your prayers as he heads out this weekend, leaving our 2 lovely children at home with a mom on steroids. :) Enough said. Pray for the Holy Spirit to rule my body and mind in every way and to settle my crazy typing hands and sometimes scatterbrained thoughts. Side effects ... there must be a good blog in this somewhere! I hope to find it when I start to come "out"of it and be myself again next week.

I'll be back, Lord willing, to share a little piece more about God's amazing covenants this Friday. And if for some reason there's nothing new on Come Have a Peace on Friday, you might come looking for me at Wal-Mart. I'll be zooming around with a cart, and I hope I won't have put any innocent bystanders in it with my groceries. ;)

So glad Jesus says, "Come have a peace."  I like that much better than steroids.

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Pamela Seay said...

Praying for Jeff's trip and you and your family.  I wish I had been in Walmart today to see you zoom zoom zooming around!

Cindy Bultema said...

You make me smile!  I've been on prednisone with my ear issues, and can certainly relate to what you are sharing! I'll be thinking of you all and will absolutely pray for you and your family! :)
Much love to you~
Cindy :)

Sarah S. said...

Praying the steroids do the trick. My husband has had to be on steroids on occasion for allergies -- I told him it gave him a taste of living with PMS. :-) Envy the energy it gives you, though!

Julie_Sanders said...

Yes, there's the energy ... and then the "PMS'yness" ;)
Julie Sanders


Julie_Sanders said...

I hoped someone wouldn't get the video feed and have it end up on Youtube or the evening news. Watch for me in the neighborhood ... I"ll be speed walking. ;)

Julie_Sanders said...

You too? Well if we're overlapping on our meds, maybe we could jog to Southern Ohio one day and meet in the middle for lunch! Thanks for praying. Pray for me to be full of peace in every way. :)