Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tasty Tuesday ... The Wedge

Have you ever had a wedge? Not wedgy!  Wedge. :)

Not this kind of wedge ...

Not this kind of wedge ...

I love THIS kind of wedge! This one happens to be made by one of my favorite lunch spots, but it's easy enough to make your own at home.

Assembling your wedge: 

Start with a head of iceberg lettuce. You can also use Romaine. Peel off the outer, wilted leaves. Cut the lettuce in quarters, leaving the intact.

Lay your wedge (NOT the shoe!) on a plate, and drizzle first with your dressing of choice. Traditionally, a wedge goes well with Blue Cheese dressing, and it's extra good to sprinkle some cheese crumbles over the dressing at this point.

Now you have some options: 
Traditionally, sprinkle some cooked bacon crumbles over it and some chopped or cherry tomatoes. You can add a few croutons, but it doesn't feel lacking if you leave them out.

This wedge is so simple and won't take skill to blow dry or hurt your ankles. ;)  ENJOY!

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Jenifer said...

My mom loves the wedge, but I have never tried it!  I need to, it looks good!