Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do you live to point?

Have you seen amazing scenery this summer? Clouds building into a storm? A geyser spewing up from the ground? A rainbow in the evening? Wildflowers over a meadow? What have you seen?

While we were out West in July, we saw amazing scenes. Our family's most common response: "Wow."  :) We aren't very creative. But our real response should be, "What is man?"

Psalm 8 is a praise hymn all about how we see creation, how we see ourselves in creation, and the point of what we see. The Psalm is addressed to "O LORD our Lord," the covenant name for Israel with God.  It is the name for God's people to call out. The name begins and ends this short Psalm, along with the declaration "how majestic is your name in all the earth!"  This is a song about God's character and what/who displays that great character.

Our home (creation around us) declares God's glory:
  • heaven, moon, stars, earth, animals, birds, fish
The more we see in creation, the more we should see of God's glory!  That amazing sunset, that spectacular rainbow, that full moon, that field of flowers, that sparkling stream ... they put us in our place and make us ask, "What is man that you are mindful of him?"  In other words, "Wow." 

Mankind declares God's glory:
  • God is mindful of man v. 4
  • God gave man a position just under the angels v. 5
  • God gave man honor v. 5
  • God gave man dominion over the earth and all in it v. 6
The more we understand ourselves, the more we understand God's glory!

All creation points to God's glory.  We live to point to God's glory.  Maybe "Wow" is more appropriate than I thought.

The next time you feel unsure about what your purpose is or feel convinced your glory is more than tarnished, remember that we live to point to God's glory.  
  • How can you point to God's glory today? 
  • Will your attitudes and responses resemble the lilies of the field? 
  • Will your pace reflect a peaceful stream? 
  • Will your words fall soft like a breeze?  

It's not easy in "real time," is it? Tonight it's my turn to stay overnight as the "camp mom" at high school cross country camp ... with 40 teenagers. :) Pray for me to display God's glory so I will point to the LORD, my Lord, Who is majestic in all the earth!

Where will you display God's glory today?

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Jenifer said...

I totally LOVE nature!  We were at a family reunion this past weekend and we stay way out in the country.  NOTHING around us.  It is beautiful!  The sunrise, sunset, trees, hills, flowers, animals, everything!  I could just sit in the country and look around me for hours.  It makes me think of God and feel so close to Him.

Becky H. said...

That's a great reminder! And I love your analogies at the end. A beautiful picture of how we were created to be!

Orosco99 said...

God's glory was majestically displayed this evening on the North Carolina seashore - it was truly a divine experience (ocean, dolphins, fish, little crabs scurrying, amazing sunset, warm water, gentle waves, dear family). What blessings!!!!

Julie_Sanders said...

Oh, I'm so so glad for you! That's what you need on vacation! :)
Julie Sanders