Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tardy Tasty Tuesday ... Pie Inspiration

I'm on my way home from days away with my fam, and I admit that time zones and days away mess me up when it comes to things like what day it is, making my bed, and wearing make up. ;) Can I share a "tardy" Tasty Tuesday? After all ... it's still Tuesday where I am, and I'll be mulling over my next "meatier" (is that a word?) post while I journey home.

For now ... let me share a pic or two of a vacation inspiration. We picked up fresh Rainier cherries in a farmers market. Aren't they beautiful? We also got a few dark cherries, for variety. I admit it ... we ate a lot of them before ever getting to our "home" for the week.

(I love the pics my Jo took of the pie in process!)
So we were inspired to grab a Marie Callender's frozen crust and make a cherry pie! It was my first homemade (with Marie's help on the crust) cherry pie, and while I didn't give it a 10, the family loved it!

Baking at high altitudes .... so different! Ever tried it???   I definitely haven't mastered it yet and had a few burnt biscuit bottoms to prove it. :) I also wonder ... any tricks to pitting cherries? Other than patience ...  Do share.

Would love to hear your high altitude and cherry pitting tips. On my way back down ....

Hoping you're being inspired to make your days "tasty" by what the Lord's bounty is in the season where you are!

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Juli Manuel May said...

Pampered Chef sell a cherry pitter :-)

Juli Manuel May said...

Pampered Chef sells a cherry pitter :-)

Julie_Sanders said...

Thanks Juli! This might be my excuse to buy a Pampered Chef goodie! :)

Julie Sanders