Thursday, June 2, 2011

Glimpses of Paraguay

 This week as Jeff and I travel in Paraguay, our ministry time is so different than that I spent in Thailand in May. Our goal here is to spend time with one of our missionary families, as they acclimate to the language and culture, and to encourage them. I want to show you a few glimpses of what that looks like ...

It's so much fun to deliver things like Parmesan Cheese and Peanut Butter!
 We have really enjoyed getting to know the "little missionaries" in this sweet family. Time reading books and playing games has been as precious for us as it is for them!

We are so proud of our young missionary family.  They are loved by the people they are living among, and they are loving in return. It's exciting to see and hear them interacting in a new language and learning how to show God's love in a new country and people group.

I loved the chance to visit a women's Bible study with my friend Renee. We celebrated the birthday of one of the ladies. The lesson was all about our "propositio" in life - our purpose. As women, we aim to accomplish the great commission of making disciples, starting right in our homes! What a wonderful lesson to transfer to every culture.

Praying we all make the most of accomplishing our mission, starting at home.

Tomorrow .. time with our friends, lessons about the culture here, and hopefully some more empanadas. (Can't wait to show you the picture I took of our plate of empanadas today! )   :)

I appreciate your continued prayers as we travel and do what the Lord has for us each day.


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