Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tasty Tuesday .. the Pictures!

So here are the pictures of the Polish Cakes from this morning's recipe!
These are so easy, because you just ...

  • melt
  • mix
  • press
  • melt
  • spread
  • chill

Making the crust .... I substituted 1/2 T of sugar and 1/2 T of baking cocoa for the Nestle drink mix, and it worked great. 

 No baking involved! Just press, spread, and chill!
This is a photo of the THIRD one out of the pan ... because the first two were eaten. ;) And I love to hear "These are great Mom!"

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Kristi Stephens said...


LeAnn H. said...

I have some leftover semi-sweet chocolate chips and was hoping to put them to better use than just snatching a few now and then for a treat. This looks like the ideal way to use them! I can't wait to try them for Friday's big wedding day!

I got up at 4:00 a.m. many years ago when I was a girl to watch the groom's parents walk the aisle. I'm thankful for the technology of today - I will record this royal wedding for my daughter and I watch later. :-)

Julie_Sanders said...

It's "historic!"  :)  Wondering if it's a valid reason to let someone go to school late....

Julie Sanders www.comehaveapeace.blogspot.com