Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1 Question to reign myself in

So ... have you taken a step with me to be "Fit 4Faith?" Remember the 4 key words to focus on: Drink ... Read ... Move ... Rest ... Being Fit 4Faith isn't about a method or regiment; it's about thinking biblical, spiritual thoughts about our physical bodies. But who can remember that when the Dove dark chocolate bars are calling your name from the candy rack?

This week we spent time at my in-laws' house. The first night we arrived, my mother-in-law had "it" there. She did it out of love, but it's like a black hole for me. CASHEWS!!! A whole bowl full, roasted and salty, not mixed with pesky peanuts or nuts the size of Brazil. Just pure, decadent, perfect cashews. Can you tell this is a weakness of mine? HOW DO YOU LIVE FIT 4FAITH with any BALANCE when there's an UNLOCKED glass dish FULL of CASHEWS on the table!?!? 

What is it for you? What are your black holes? Let's be honest. Over-indulging isn't the only way we fail to live Fit 4Faith. We may refuse to do what's good for us. We may go to extremes and let good habits overtake us. Any habits, good or bad, motivated by earthly reasons, lead to a disappointing substitutes for good health.  

How do we reign ourselves in?
Hang up pictures of myself in swimsuits I would never wear? Tape words like "healthy, confident, energy" to food containers in the kitchen? Call a friend who's supposed to tell me to resist? Look in a book and see how bad my choice really is? Promise myself chocolate later in the week? Tell myself at least I'm "better" than the lady down the street or down the pew?

At a moment of decision, motivations like these aren't enough to keep me living so I'm fit to be used for my Faith. I need something with real power!  Only one reason can really reign in a Jesus following girl to care for her physical body well.

If my priorities are "out of this world," my motivation to be healthy has to be "out of this world" too. At each moment of decision, I have to learn to ask the question: "What would help me honor God with my body?" 
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 1 Cor. 6:19-20
The answer to the question might make me do crazy things ... like stepping away from the cashew jar .... getting up from my desk and going for a walk, ordering water instead of sweet tea, going to bed on time, turning off the tv to read, or other actions. Every decision is individual and personal; it's unique to the time, place, and circumstances. "What would help me honor God with my body?" 

Asking this single question helps us align ourselves to be more fit vessels for the master's use, one decision, one day at a time. The more I think about how to honor Him with my body, the more fit I am 4Faith.

Going to go walk PAST the evil cashew dish to get a drink of water ... How are you doing to honor God with your body today?

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Lisa Grace said...

For me, the black hole is never a specific food. It's a TIME and a PLACE. When my kids nap and I sit down for my quiet time, I just want to MUNCH. And at night, when the kid go to bed and hubby sits on the couch, I just plop next to him. These are two times/activities that I hate about my daily routine and have trouble shaking. I loved reading todays post because it has put a different slant on my perspective. Thanks ... going to start working on being more fit for my faith!

Nicholeakao said...

last night, even though i wanted to turn on the television, i read instead and i slept so much better! each day i have been fitting in some regular exercise. i need more self-discipline when it comes to sweets though.
love the encouragement today!

Julie_Sanders said...

I'm so proud of you! It sounds like you're doing great in thinking about how your temple honors the Lord. You go for Him, girl!

Julie Sanders