Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tasty Tuesday ... Make homemade waffles!

I've had a craving for waffles for a while now, and I was so surprised to find some standard breakfast spots that don't have a single waffle on their menu. Since yesterday was a snow day here (= our family singing the hallelujah chorus!) I made waffles to start the day. I use a recipe "from scratch" that is really quite easy, but it's so much better than "out of a box" waffles.

Top a homemade waffle with your favorite combo of syrup, whipped cream, pecan chips (Jeff's fav), chocolate chips (kids' fav), berries, or bananas. Here's how to make a waffle that will not disappoint you on a cold, snowy morning:

Sanders' Waffles

First plug your waffle maker in, so it can heat fully. Read the directions for your appliance. :) See below what can happen.
 Mix together:
1 1/2 c. milk
1 c. flour
2 t. baking powder
1/2 c. butter/margarine that is MELTED, not just soft.
2 egg yolks
(put whites in separate bowl big enough to whip whites next)

In a separate bowl, beat 2 egg whites until they're stiff, but not dry. I use a hand held mixer at fast speed to whip the whites. You can tell when the egg whites are ready, because you'll see the shape of the beating in the whites. When you lift the beaters out of the whites, there will be little "peaks" left behind. This means they're ready.  Do it once, and you'll get it. :)  Not hard.

"Plop" the egg whites on top of the batter. The egg whites make the waffles light and airy.

On low speed, mix the egg whites into the batter, just until it's blended. Don't get overly excited and over-mix it here. :)
 You can avoid this kind of mess .... :(  Sometimes I expect to "sacrifice" the first waffle, but you don't have to.  This doesn't have to happen if:
- You spray your waffle maker with cooking spray first.
- You let your appliance heat fully before putting in batter.
- You cook your waffle fully (without peeking!!!) before trying to get it out

Pour batter on the waffle iron, leaving a little of the "bumps" showing. (You can toss in a few "add in's" NOW if you want them.) If you over fill it, you will have batter all over your counter.  Not impossible to clean up, but kind of a bummer when  you just want to eat a waffle (voice of experience).

I let my waffles bake a total 5 minutes, WITHOUT peeking, before opening the iron.  If they're fully baked, they will come out easily.

 Now you are ready to toss on a few nuts or chocolate chips or whatever you want on the top. This one has butter, choc chips, and a blob of whipped cream. My loved one started by eating the whipped cream all by itself first.  :) 

This is a simple, but satisfying special way to make waffles.   I hope you'll enjoy it on a cold morning this winter!

Thanks to Jen and Lisa for hosting Tasty Tuesday and Tempt My Tummy Tuesday (hosted At The Well today)!

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