Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tasty Tuesday ... A Dash of Planning

I've spent December focusing on how festive, significant, and peaceful I am during this holiday season. I've had some radiant moments, and I've had a few rotten ones. :)  Can you relate? Both are so good for challenging me to pray, to think, and to make choices.

This week I'm taking the last days before Christmas to talk about how to have a PEACEFUL season. In the area of hospitality, I think PLANNING goes a long way to making for a peaceful celebration.  Let me show you one idea to illustrate what I mean.

Coffee Tray
A basic part of most Sanders' events includes coffee.  I've found that setting up a coffee "tray" helps to communicate to my guests that I prepared for them, that they are important, and that I want them to be blessed in my home.  It also helps ME to stay organized, do quick checks of supplies, and feel like things are kept orderly.  That really helps the peace in the kitchen. My sweet friend Jenny gave us a bright red tray for Christmas last year, and it makes the perfect place to prepare a coffee tray.  I like to include these items:

  • - if using disposable coffee cups, this is where they go
  • - regular cream and flavored creamer
  • - sugar substitute and the real deal
  • - a glass full of coffee stirrers or my little coffee spoons
  • - any special flavoring to go with the season (Pumpkin Spice in the photo)
  • - a sign telling if the coffee is regular or decaf
Jeff and I were given a coffee urn as a wedding gift, and it has been a great kitchen item for parties. I can set it up to make 40 cups of coffee and then not worry about refilling the pot.  You might look for one on clearance after Christmas.

Other ways to plan ahead and speak peace to your guests, also allowing yourself to relax and enjoy them more: 
  • set the table the night before
  • make simple name cards and place them at each seat before guests arrive
  • have a tray of crackers and cheese and/or fruit for guests to nibble on when they arrive
  • have music playing and a candle lit before people come
  • put glasses in the kitchen, so that you're ready to fill with ice/beverage
  • put an extra trash bag in the can, under the current one, so you can re-bag quickly

Pick a couple of ways to plan ahead.  You and your guests will enjoy the dose of peace that comes with a little planning.

Can't wait to share more tomorrow about a guaranteed way to enjoy some more peace THIS WEEK!

Peaceful Christmas week to you,

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