Friday, December 24, 2010

Festive, Significant, Peaceful

Christmas at the Shelter

It was Christmas at the Shelter, on another frigid night.
The halls were filled with bags and packs, all piled high and tight.
Tired feet were wet and cold, in lines they shuffled past,
relieved to find some warmth out of the street's December blast.
Outside was lit with strings of lights hung up above the stores.
Inside was dim, adorned with hopeful eyes of all the poor.
The pews were used for sleeping, and the halls were lined with mats.
Instead of bows and garland, precious things were gloves and hats.
Layered coats were set aside and towels were passed around.
Belongings set up carefully, once each her small space found.
Some had friends among them and gathered as they came.
One was new and frightened, and no one knew her name.
There were women young and women old and women in between.
All were glad for showers, the warmth, the fresh, the clean.
Some talked about their families, of the people they would call.
Others told of distant homes and had no one at all.
For some so glad to talk and share, their stories would unfold,
but blankets over tired heads, for others silence told.
There were those with education, with positions and careers,
passed away with houses and replaced with hopes and fears.
Side by side we sat and talked and sometimes said a prayer.
"Thanks for listening," they would say, "and taking time to care." 
But when we leave and go back home to where we know our bed,
A gift will stay behind us, showing Jesus' love instead.
A bag of socks for weary feet that burned out in the chill,
With chap stick, snacks and other helpful things the package filled.
When each one had a love gift and had settled down to rest, 
They turned to us, to our surprise, and made sure we were blessed.
"Merry Christmas, many thanks for all you came to bring!"
But we were blessed in going with our Christmas offering.
For Jesus understands what it can be to have no bed, 
To be homeless in a city with no place to lay your head.
Some will still take refuge there when mistletoe's not hung.
Heavy feet will enter, though no carol's being sung.
But in the Christmas story there's a message we should hear.
Worship Christ through giving in His name throughout the year.

~ A Christmas gift for you and all who need a place of refuge, written by Julie Sanders

Thank you for reading here at Come Have a Peace.  Your reading has helped to make my Christmas festive, significant, and peaceful.  I'm praying your Christmas will be, too. 

Until January 3rd, the first Marriage Monday of the new year,

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Chrissy said...

Wonderful, Julie, just beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and the family!

Pattitasi said...

Merry Christmas Julie! Thank you for all your words & work to your wonderful blog. You touch many lives & help many of us =)

Orosco99 said...

Julie, your poem is so special and I loved reading it. Your ministry at the shelter has blessed me. I know you have made this Christmas more joy-filled for many. Thank you and God bless YOUR CHRISTmas. Love, Jenny C.

Morgan Maria I said...

Beautiful poem Julie! What a great way to share the Christ of Christmas! Have a wonderful time worshipping Him! Hugs and blessings!,

Ann said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. I would have loved to have been there. It is such a blessing to be able to serve others. Thanks so much for sharing!

Heidipocketbook said...

Thank you, Julie. Your prayers are much appreciated!