Friday, October 22, 2010

Germ Free & Laughing?

How can we talk about discouragement without remembering to laugh at ourselves?

Last week I had a rare couple of hours alone to run some errands (emphasis on run). I discovered 3$ in my pocket and decided to stop by Chick-fil-A ... the place we can always go for encouragement :) ... except on Sundays when they're closed.

It was packed (apparently lots of other people needed some Chick-fil-A blessing). I decided to stop in to the restroom before I ordered. It was also packed, so I leaned against the wall in the only free spot .............

Don't stand under motion sensor activated Hand Sanitizer dispensers .............

For the 3 of us waiting in the tiny space, the ice was broken as the blog of clear sanitizer gel was dispensed all over my shoulder. What could we do but laugh ... at me? :) Glad I could be a blessing. :)

Sometimes life includes moments like those, and I'll just say that wasn't the only one of its kind that day. But there's a time to laugh, and we do well to let ourselves enjoy the gift of laughter. It's one of the physical and emotional ways God has wired us to diffuse life's discouragements and embrace a little peace.

Germ free and encouraged, :)

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