Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Clams Know ...

You know by now that I was lounging at the Gulf Coast last week. The sand was pristine, the water clear, and the marine life abundant. It rained enough to give us permission to rest, but then the shone brilliantly to invite us outside for days that could only have been crafted in heaven.

While sitting in the sand, letting the foam wash around me, I found myself captivated by tiny clams revealed in the surf. As the predictable waves churned the sand, a crowd of clams were uncovered and tossed in the bubbles, but what they did next took hold of my attention like a sea gull on a piece of day old bread (this I share from 1st hand knowledge ...). The clams don't wait to see (do they have eyes?) if another wave will come; they KNOW another wave will come. That's how life works when you're a clam ... or a person.

In anticipation of the waves, they automatically dig down as deep as they can. It's their secret to surviving and thriving, and they do it over and over and over .... They know they have to keep digging, because life will keep sending waves. If they just let themselves be washed away and tossed in the surf, they have no peace. Are you starting to find (to your surprise!) that you actually have a lot more in common with a clam than you knew? ;)

The water may be calm right now, but even a clam knows waves will come again. Life may be calm right now, but let's not fall into the trap of waiting to see if a wave will come before we dig deep into God's life saving Word. Maybe it's because we DO have eyes that we feel so self assured we can wait and watch until it looks like a wave is forming and THEN dig into the Word. Nope. Even clams know more waves are coming from where the last one came from ... so DIG!

If you're like me and you find all sorts of things interrupt your attempts to dig into the Word, we are not helpless. Fortunately, unlike the clam who only has a little muscle foot to dig with, we have the HOLY SPIRIT to teach, guide, and empower us.

Click here to read my post at Scripture Dig today with more about my days at the beach. I want to share how to "Break the Grip of the Rip" in our own lives, as we learn to battle those things that keep us from digging deep in the Word.

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Heidi Pocketbook said...

Julie, I'd love to read your post, however the links aren't working.

Warren Baldwin said...

"Life keeps sending waves" ... what a great phrase to encapsulate much of what does happen to us in life. I like to say that a successful life is simply learning how to manage and process disappointment, b/c so much of it seems to come our way! But if we process it in a Christ-like way, we often find out that great spiritual growth comes through those processing those waves right! Good post.

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

Warren, I just heard a testimony yesterday of someone whose family went through a terrible time of disappointment and pain, but they said that it was the greatest time of growth they'd experienced (in a way they never would have chosen for themselves). Those waves really do work for our good.

Thanks, Heidi - will see if I can fix the link!

Crystal Roberts said...

I really super appreciated this post as our family is facing a move, and wow, this was just what I needed!

Michelle said...

To be bested by a clam is a shameful thing, when we have the Holy Spirit and His Word!

This really spoke to me:

"They know they have to keep digging, because life will keep sending waves. If they just let themselves be washed away and tossed in the surf, they have no peace."

How often we forfeit peace simply because we aren't preparing our hearts for the waves of life.

God has definitely gifted you with an ability to write great analogies, Julie!

Thank you and God bless!