Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Breaking the Grip of the Rip

I know ... this is usually Tasty Tuesday, but there's no food involved today. I've been traveling and, Lord willing, am on my way home as you read this on Tuesday, July 20th. I've had some amazing food that has literally given me a "taste" of the cultures and regions where we've been. I will share more in words and pictures asap ... can't wait to tell you more.
In the mean time, I'm wondering how your quiet time is going this summer. Having been logging the miles, myself, in the past few weeks, I know how this season wreaks havoc on many of our routines ... including our quiet time. I want to invite you to click over to Scripture Dig today and scroll down to YESTERDAY's post ;) to see/read about something that got my attention in my travels. It also really helped me to freshen my perspective about spending time with the Lord ... even when I feel like my routine went the route of "lost baggage." I hope it will encourage you, too.

Looking forward to showing you more about where I've been and what I've been up to in the coming days...

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