Friday, June 4, 2010

Off for the Summer?

I hope you've had a chance to meet the team of gals I'll be digging into the Word with over at Scripture Dig. Next week begins "Bible Basics," and I love the solid foundation that we're starting with.

Maybe I am "unplugging" from the heaviness of a busy spring, but the Dr. Seuss in me is rising up (you may know this if you read my intro at Scripture Dig here), so today I had to write a little poetry about "where I'm at" in making the transition to summer. Then next Monday I have to share about "Getting Through to the Man from Timbuktu" ;) for Marriage Mondays. I think it will be fun ...

I hope these thoughts will make you smile and refresh your heart! So ... my thoughts thus far on the summer of '10 ...

I have hardly started summer, but am feeling kind of beat

So I grabbed a pen to write my thoughts, propped up my tired feet.

I sipped a Dr Pepper as I pondered the "time off,"

But the thought of lazy summer days just prompted me to scoff!

There are things that need attention from spring cleaning I ignored.

There are kids that need activity, since they can't say they are bored.

Out front the beds need weeding from the new seeds we have sown.

Why can't there be a day camp with a spa for when we're grown?

I wiped off wicker on the porch and picked out a book to read,

but will there ever be a time when no one has a need?

I've accepted that there will not be a moment that is blank,

A time without a question or a kid my shorts to yank.

And so I'll hang a sign upon my door that needs new paint,

Though I admit that those who know me well may tend to faint.

It will spell it out quite plainly so that there's no need to doubt,

For the rest of summer I am off, just think of me as "out.";)

As for the front door of my blog, I'll see you Monday for "Getting Through to the Man from Timbuktu." How are you doing transitioning to summer?

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Faith Imagined said...

I LOVE this! I needed a smile before I went to bed! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, kids are in school until 6/18 so it feels like we're still holding our breath waiting for summer! I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love the easy, breezy life, but hate my tendency to get lazy and unmotivated!!! Lord help me make the most of these coming weeks! Thanks, Julie! JLC

Kela said...

That "S" word! I remember as a child wondering why my parents didn't get "out of school" for summer.
It wasn't until I had a family of my own that I realized that summer isn't for free, bills continue to need attention, and kids still need to be fed.
Our summers for several years have consisted of all of the children visiting the grandparents for weeks (sometimes a month or so). THAT is the time that Brian and I have to truly reconnect.
Prayerfully, this summer will be no exception.

I enjoyed your poem!!

Karen said...

Love the poem! Absolutely love it!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

lake said...

happy weekend

Heidi Pocketbook said...

This poem has me chuckling, Julie! I am amazed that we've already been done with the home school year here for five weeks and haven't found our summer groove here yet--eek!!! We are indeed enjoying our time off, though.

Hope you have a wonderful day!