Monday, April 12, 2010

Marriage Mondays ~ Welcome Home!

Welcome to Marriage Mondays, where we're always on the lookout for encouragement and wisdom for marriages that look more and more like what God intends. THAT can be quite a journey, can't it? To give someone out there an infusion of encouragement, I am offering a giveaway this week to someone who leaves a comment on any of this week's posts, and you can read the details here. This is also in honor of the "Ultimate Blog Party" hosted by The prize? A "Bless and Boost Your Bliss Box" with two excellent books by Lysa TerKeurst, a "PS I Love You" lotion, a set of fragrant tealight candles, and a beautiful purse sized "Wisdom" notepad ... all meant to bless and boost your marriage.

Friday I got to do something very fun that I always look forward to ... I got to pick Jeff up at the airport. He wasn't really gone long, but I'm still always so excited to go get him. As I stood in the corridor near security and arrivals, I watched the people. One young woman stood still like a new daffodil waiting to be picked, until a tall, broad guy picked her up and dangled her from his neck for a long, happy time. Another woman strolled her sleeping toddler out of the gate to a waiting gaggle of women who huddled about the little traveler in hushed tones, hugging the young mom.

But then I enjoyed a beautiful, unrehearsed scene. A woman in a classic business suit complementing orange marigold colored hair came walking out of the arrival gate. As she emerged, a small girl with matching marigold hair came running with her arms outstretched from the opposite end of the airport, until finally the two collided and wrapped around each other with smiles so wide you could tell they weren't thinking of the spectators instinctively smiling, too, and clapping inside. I think something inside of all of us wants to know that when we come home, there will be someone there to meet us with heart open wide and joy to embrace us.

Was I inspired to run down the arrival ramp????? No, when Jeff came down the ramp I did not take off running with my arms open wide. Maybe if I had marigold colored hair ;) or maybe if Hallmark movie background music was playing in the airport. Besides, my nearly 13 yr old son would've died and hopped a flight to Bangkok if I did that ... But watching the homecomings and having one of my own gave me cause to reflect on how welcome I make my husband feel when he comes home ... daily. Or maybe I should say "when we are reunited" daily, since some days he gets home first. I want him to know that "Julie" means a warm embrace, a joyful heart, devoted attention, and welcome affection. God forbid that he should be met with coldness or indifference or distraction. Look in Revelation 19 here at the way the bride of Christ prepares herself (the church) for her reunion with her groom, Jesus. She makes herself inwardly and outwardly something precious to receive.

Sometimes I know I've failed, and he has come in to, "Hey, if you could take a number, pick up some laundry to fold, or send me an email about your day, I'll be with you in a minute." Sometimes he might even come in and wonder, "Who are you, and what did you do with my wife?" I know I need God's help daily to be the wife my husband will really look forward to coming home to.... not just when he's been away, but any day of the week.

Is your man eager to come home to you? What can you do today to send him the message that you are so glad to be with him when he walks through your door? If you can't come up with anything, go ahead and open your arms and run down the sidewalk; it will at least get his attention! ;)

Before I close for Marriage Mondays today, I want to share about a book that I finished a little while ago, and it's such an excellent resource for women; there is a companion book for husbands, as well. We are giving away several pairs of these books this Friday night at our "One Night" for couples event, so if you're here in my hometown, I hope you'll be there. "What a Husband Needs from His Wife" by Melanie Chitwood made me feel like I was sitting down with a wise friend and hearing her share God's perspective on marriage, as learned through her own personal ups and downs. I love the way Melanie lays the foundation for a strong marriage by speaking to our personal relationship with God, and then she speaks to relational issues like attitudes and partnership and focusing and communication and intimacy. This is a fresh, personal, and biblical blend of insights for those who are seeking help to strengthen a marriage. I highly recommend Melanie's book, and maybe the "man version" would be a great Father's Day gift ... my man took his in his carry-on. ;)

So what time is it now? If you are a wife, when will you be reunited with your hubby today? You've got to time to stick a marigold in your hair and put your running shoes on, or at least brush your teeth, pray for peace, smile because you're blessed, and be the "welcome home" your guy longs for. I would guess he might even let you dangle from his neck...

Feel free to link a marriage related post below or use the new (including web address) button above, but please mention MM in your post and leave a little comment love. Blessings to you on this Marriage Monday!

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Warren Baldwin said...

Your post made me think of a statement by counselor Larry Crabb: Everyone needs someone who delights in them.

We all need to know that someone is standing at the ramp for us, or is ready at home for us, and will smile with delight when they see us. Even one person who truly loves us with all of our faults can be life-changing.

I am going to do a series of posts on Monday called "Favorite Marriage Books." Anyone can participate. Just email me a title of one of your favorite marriage books. Do a one or two paragraph summary, then provide another paragraph explaining how the book has helped you.

The first is posted now. Any of your readers are free to send one in, too. It is not for the comments section, but for the main body of the blog. You can email it here:

The book you mention here would be good.

Good post.


Sarah said...

super post today :) it is so important to make sure my hubby is happy to come home, and not faced with nagging and added stress as he walks in the door.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see your marriage monday article today because it spoke to my very soul. Honestly I am a big girl and hanging on my husband's neck not gonna happen, but I am learning to greet him when he comes home with more than just the " wait til i tell you how my day went" face on.

We have four boys and I also keep my friends children after school also and so my evening are quite busy. This past weekend when my hubby went away I missed him terribly and realized that I don't make it known to him that I actually miss him and that he is important to me. I am the ultimate superwoman and so if he was not here tomorrow I have said "i would miss him but i would handle my business".

That was me then, but now GOd is teaching me to show him more love affection outwardly and not just use him as a sounding board, but love on him a little more. So I am doing just that . . . I am not greeting him with sweats messy hair and flour on my face anymore. Instead i put on comfortable clothing do my hair and when he comes in stop hug him and ask him how his days was. Even though he texts me thruout the day to talk. I also am listening to his response and not in such a rush to get back to the kids when he comes home.

GOd is good and I know that He is working more of his love in me for my husband right where he is right now. I am not waiting until he is saved or is doing everything the way I want him to do it instead I am loving him with the love of the Lord right now.

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

"I want him to know that "Julie" means a warm embrace, a joyful heart, devoted attention, and welcome affection. God forbid that he should be met with coldness or indifference or distraction."

What a beautiful testimony ... Today I'm taking time to write out what I want "Teri Lynne" to mean to Scott.

Theresa said...

Oh Julie!!! What a wonderful post! You've got my creative juices flowing. My husband travels over the road for his job. He is gone weekly and I'm now super excited for his return. We always do look forward to him coming home but after a week or more of his being gone can take a toll on me and more often than I care to admit I've meet him with a frustrated sigh that says "finally your home and I'm outta here!"

I'm going to work on this!! :-)

Kristi Stephens said...

The first time I went through Five Aspects of Woman, I was struck by the fact that our marriages are "playing out" the relationship between Christ and the church.

When NP is coming home I often wonder, "do I love his appearing?" If my kids and those around me will see a tiny taste of what our relationship with Christ should be like from how I relate to my husband... do they see that I treasure, value, respect him and long for his return?

Joanna said...

This was great Julie, I can't wait for our homecoming! Even the comments made me think. Even now I have to struggle with distrations just talking to my hubby on skype. I am trying to put him first above other things in the house but it is so hard when he is so far away. Thanks for the mind set for something I can pray and focus on.

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

Thank you for sharing all of your insights and thoughts about the "Welcome Home." I learn so much from the comments that are left, and it feeds my heart.

I'm praying for each marriage represented, so that we ready for Christ's return, as Kristi has reminded. What a great picture! We work that out daily in our own marriages, don't we? I'm so glad that the Lord has given us His Word and His Spirit to help us.

Warren, thanks so much for providing the resource of great marriage titles. Look forward to seeing what is shared.