Friday, March 19, 2010

Plan to Tune In

I took this picture when I was living in Manila, Philippines. This child is one of an overwhelmingly countless number of children used by "handlers" to work for them in a myriad of evil ways. You may think Asia has a corner on the market of this wickedness, but if you read the stats I just read, you will be astounded to learn this is alive and well in the USA and many other countries, as well.

Kristi Stephens is hosting a 2 week series of posts leading up to Resurrection Sunday that will focus on the urgent status of human slavery (trafficking) in our world today. It's a heavy, though timely, topic as we prepare to celebrate Jesus' great sacrifice that has set us free from our slavery to Satan. She welcomes Gillian from Women at Risk International (WAR) to share insights and truths about the slaves of today. I encourage you to stop by during these two weeks, so we will be informed about the needs in our world, but also so our hearts will have fresh gratitude for the sacrifice Jesus made to set all slaves of sin free.

Read Kristi's introductory post and the remarkable statistics here.

I am excited to be leading our women's spring retreat, beginning tonight with my team, and then tomorrow with all our women. I appreciate your prayers for us as we focus on Micah 6:8, reflecting on "What is good" in God's eyes.

See you in a few days for Marriage Mondays!

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Kristi Stephens said...

That picture just breaks my heart. It's easy to get lost in the statistics - and then seeing individuals is heartbreaking.

Thank you for posting this - praying that God will break our hearts for what breaks His!

Anonymous said...

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