Wednesday, December 9, 2009

30 Minutes at Customer Service ...

You've been there. The black hole of ... Customer Service. I "stopped by" there on Saturday afternoon to exchange a wrong sized item that I got at a doorbuster sale (what IS a "doorbuster" anyway?). On my first pass, I walked by CS to avoid the long line, coming back later to find it only a few shoppers deep. I took my place and waited.

When my turn came I was helped by MaryJo, who quickly sized up my need, checked the system, and called another store. I stepped to the side, leaning on the wall, and waited ....

For the next 30 minutes, I listened and watched and waited. People wanting amounts put back on cards they couldn't find, exchanging items for relatives who weren't present, trying to return things for full price bought on sale, paying on accounts with bills and coins... Some came in clouds of Christmas perfume, others with fussy children, still more with faux fur and jingle bells. I watched MaryJo.

If her expression was a graph, it would've been a line like a kitchen countertop. She was unshakable. No matter what the question, the answer, the problem, or the purchase, MaryJo responded with an even calm. No one could rock the woman. In a momentary lull I commented to her, "I can see why you work in Customer Service. You are so peaceful no matter what the circumstance."

"Five years," she answered. "I've been here five years, and I just don't get upset. Even on Black Friday when I manned the counter all alone."

About that time a lady wearing a tube of lipstick (yes, I think it was ALL on there) and a bottle of hairspray (yes ... you get the idea ;) ) came up and needed MaryJo to go through several of her credit and debit cards to find out how she had paid for an old purchase she didn't have a receipt for. I didn't get to ask MaryJo, "Where does your peace come from?" But I went away thinking about it. Despite the fact that this is the season of peace on earth, I think of lot of people feel an absence of it during the holidays.

Jesus answered the question about how to deal with the troubles of daily life and manage to be peaceful:

John 16:33 (NIV)

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

They didn't have the size I needed, so I had to return the jacket; I had my receipt. ;) But 30 minutes in customer service is really small in the big picture of life's challenges. Small, but big enough to remind me that in every season, I can respond with peace, no matter what the circumstance.

Shopping today? Hosting a party? Attending a gathering? Running to relatives? At the hospital? Paying bills? Working at school? Caring for sick children? Sick yourself? Singing in the Christmas program? Standing at Customer Service? ;) I pray you will enjoy peace in Jesus, whatever the trouble in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Jul, so timely. Thank you for reminding me of such a great truth at this hectic time in my little
"world." Just thinking of Jesus makes me want to be peace-filled. Joy and peace to YOU today, Jenny C.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the customer service story....I don't think that I could have been as peaceful as MaryJo...whew...Have a peace-filled day.

(-: Brook

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing that story with us. God Bless!

Tonya said...

That was deep. Surely, she possesses the "peace that passeth all understanding". Blessings!