Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall ... Get your hands dirty!

To enjoy a season to its fullest, it helps to get messy. Think about it:

  • planting flowers in the spring
  • building a sand castle in the summer
  • scooping out pumpkin goo & seeds in the fall
  • making a snow angel in the winter

Messy? Maybe. Delightful? Absolutely. Seasons are meant to be experienced and enjoyed. What's your favorite way to savor fall? Personally, I love:

  • going for a hayride (I take an allergy pill first)
  • picking pumpkins from a patch (not a box at Wal-mart if I can help it)
  • getting cider fresh from the mill
  • buying apples from the orchard (again, not from WM if I can help it)
  • sitting by a campfire under a full harvest moon
When we lived in "one season," I missed the turning of the year by marking its seasons. I had to improvise and get a little more intentional and stock up on artificial leaves. Nice colors, wrong smell. :/

Here's a great idea for celebrating the season of harvest, and it does not have to relate to Halloween at all (I am not a big fan there, so I stick to the "harvest side" of celebrating the season). We are enjoying spending time with our new Adult Bible Fellowship, the "Honeymooners." (Really, they range from engaged to married a few years.) Though we've been married almost 20 years, we are glad to be a part of this group of couples in a sweet time of their lives together. We're able to tell them that while it may be great now, it's going to get even better! (getting off topic...)

So, we had a pumpkin carving contest in the garage, complete with pizza and sweets, followed by a bonfire and free flowing coffee under a cool autumn night. What's better than hands that smell of pumpkin goo, steaming mugs of coffee, a shining full moon, and the smell of camp smoke? Just add friends!

Recipe for a great autumn evening:
1 pumpkin per home, a full pot of coffee, cookies, easy dinner, and friends. :)

Plans for the week end? Get a little messy with "fall things," and enjoy!

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Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

You are right! We do have to get "messy" to enjoy the seasons - thanks for pointing that out!!!