Friday, September 4, 2009

Waiting to Work - Help from HR

Today I want to share thoughts that my friend Teresa offers for those who are "Waiting for Work." From her role in Human Resources and in starting a Job Seekers Support Network at our church, she has valuable insights. She is working with people weekly, providing practical help and encouragement during their trial. I hope you'll be helped or will pass on the help to someone in need of encouragement during a season of unemployment.

“Joblessness affects all levels from Vice Presidents to retail employees. People experience the same emotions as a death, which are:

Shock/disbelief – this wears off after 2-3 days

Anger - Typically, an employee wonders if they could have done something differently & walk through scenarios in their mind to see if they are at fault. Also, in a layoff situation an employee has no control so it is common to feel helpless.

Bargaining – In some situations, an employee will anticipate the company calling them back because they were valuable. This emotion doesn’t last long.

Depression – This emotion can last the longest time because it requires the person to work through their feelings and choices on how to handle them.

Acceptance – Based on the person, this level can take up to 1 year to reach.

In terms of practical issues, the unemployed can feel a lack of confidence and loneliness. Employees can feel disconnected. Unfortunately, in today’s job market, employers require applicants to apply on line, so the unemployed have very little human interaction. As time draws on, the unemployed can lose confidence in themselves and their abilities."

There are many other stresses that come with job loss. Teresa shares, “Unemployment pays a maximum between $300-$320 a week, depending on the state where you live. I believe the main stress is financial and wondering how long you will be out of work.

A Christian could experience anger toward God, which can cause a feeling of hopelessness. They are encouraged to meet with other believers and work through their emotions to recognize God has a plan and is with them every step.”

Teresa offers these helps:

Steps to Take to Weather the Unemployment Storm, Personally and Professionally

1) Save money every payday in order to prepare for the possibility of unemployment.

2) Continue to learn within your profession to keep up with technology & credentials. This could make you invaluable in your current job and, in the event of job loss, lessen time to be unemployed.

3) Network. Build a network within Facebook, LinkedIn or other sources so you have a wealth of contacts to make, in the event of job loss.

4) Walk closely with Jesus and stand on His promises, even when you don’t believe them. They will give you hope and peace in the midst of the storm.

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Warren Baldwin said...

Great post, Julie. I am going to send this to some unemployed friends. It's hitting closer to home all the time! People in the community, our church, even somewhat in our family. No one I know of in my immediate or extended family has lost a job yet, but one has had his income lowered considerably, and he has several kids at home. Our country needs this kind of ministry of encouragement right now. Thanks.

Missy said...

great advice.....thanks for sharing.