Saturday, September 5, 2009

Romania ~ Covet Your Prayers

Today is a great day for me to experience God's PEACE. :) I appreciate your prayers. Today I am on my way to Romania for a week of ministering to pastors and their wives, along with my hubby Jeff and our senior pastor. I will have the joy of teaching two sessions daily to a group of about 50 pastors' wives. Jeff and Pastor S will be teaching the men and the evening sessions. I am full of anticipation at the joy of meeting new believers, listening to prayer and scripture in another language (LOVE that!), and in experiencing a taste of heaven as nations mix. Your prayers would be a precious gift and help to us. Here's how you can pray:

What can I say? I'm a mom. Please, please, pray for Jo and Jake as they stay with friends and then stay at our house with a dear friend during the school days. A host of friends will help love on them as Jeff and I are gone during this 3rd week of school. Please pray the kids will have a peaceful week, that Jo will have a smooth time in high school, and that Jacob will manage his school days well with my girlfriends. :) I left them with lots of notes, food in the fridge, insurance cards :(, and notes of love.

Please pray for the 3 of us to be insightful and effective in our teaching times. I will be teaching from I Thessalonians and will give lots of application to women in ministry. I've been preparing for this for almost 6 months, so my heart is full. We so long to encourage, uplift, and equip these laborers in Romania.

Jeff and our pastor are old hands at speaking with interpreters, but this is my first time! I've always managed in English. Please pray this will not be an obstacle to effective teaching for me. Pray that the Holy Spirit will rule and God's message heard.

Pray for the ministry couples who are coming, not to be prevented from being where God wants them to be and that God will prepare their hearts for their time in His Word and with one another.

Pray that our travels will unfold as God desires in our safety and health, as well as in our interaction with people along the way.

When we returned from serving in Asia, I brought home damaged vocal chords and a weak respiratory system. I am thankful for the measure of healing I've experienced, but when I speak a lot, get very tired, or bear a lot of "emotion/passion" in my voice, my voice takes a huge hit. It is my weak link, my "thorn" in my flesh. Please pray for strength to speak when needed, wisdom to be quiet when able, and graceful joy to accept the thorn.

Personally ... my younger sister in VA is probably going to deliver a baby while I'm in Romania. :( Why do babies do that? :) Pray for Carrie as she brings her little gal into the world at God's perfect timing.

I know I'll think of more when we leave ... :) I'll trust the Holy Spirit to prompt people to pray in the right way and at the right time.

Finally, I have to share about a gift I get to take. During the summer the women of our church have given Scarves for Romania... over 300!!! I had to tell them to stop. :) The scarves are different styles, colors, and fabrics. Many are handmade. They are for all ages and settings of ministry. In my final session with the pastors' wives, I will share a very important challenge from Jeremiah and give each woman a scarf. They will take the others back to the women leaders of their churches and pass along the Biblical challenge. Take a look at some of the gifts!

Please pray these gifts will be garments of encouragement and inspiration, sent by loving hands of christian sisters, representing a precious truth of God's Word. I'll share more about that truth later in September.

God willing, we will return September 12th, and we appreciate your prayers until then. Maybe I'll have the chance to blog along the way! :)

Coveting your prayers,

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Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Have an AWESOME trip! I know it will be such a blessing not only for the Romanian church but for your hearts too! And the scarves are gorgeous, what an excellent idea!!!

Missy said...

I'm so excited for you! What an amazing opportunity for you and your husband.

Prayers said.


Nikki said...

What a wonderful opportunity and blessing you've been given!

Warren Baldwin said...

This is wonderful! Got your email about going to Eastern Europe but didn't know the details until now. Cheryl and I very much want to go to one of the Eastern European nations or even Russia to do mission work with orphans and churches. Looking forward to hearing about it when you return.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Praying for you all. Hope you will share some stories of your time spent there and how God worked.

Lindsey said...

Your blog is beautiful. I am a SAHM married 10 years with three beautiful daughters. We currently help my parents with their church where they are the pastors. I am the children's ministry director and love it. God is so good and it is a blessing to see other Christian moms here that are truly serving him! God bless you and protect you as you head over to Romania.

Anonymous said...

wow I am really excited to hear about your trip..and I hope you share with your readers about the scarf challenge.
Gods blessings to you..