Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cairns - Special Saturdays

When the school routine takes over, Saturdays become even more significant, and we need to use them well. Here are some ways I love to use the "day off":

SLEEP! This tops my list as the sweetest part of Saturday. :) It's so wonderful to let the sun wake me up, stretch and listen, lay there, wait for someone to come in and chat, or rest and pray leisurely. Love sleepin' late. Don't set the alarm on Saturday.

BREAKFAST - This should be special on Saturday. I LOVE to go out to breakfast (my favorite is Pete's on Union Ave in Knoxville), but the family also LOVES it when I make our special Saturday chocolate chip pancakes. We hang out in the kitchen, talk, drink coffee, and watch the sun fill up the house.

RELATIONSHIPS - Spending time with those we love is a priority on this "less rushed" day. We can watch one of Jacob's soccer games, go for a hike or picnic together, have friends over, or enjoy being home together. We try NOT to let Saturday become the Amazing Race of errand running that eats up this rest time.

Last Saturday Jacob was with a friend, and Jeff was at an early morning meeting (sometimes it must be done :( ). Jo and I left late morning to go down to Pete's, where we had a table for two, and I ordered the Pete's special for $4.95. Take a look! (Remember this isn't a post about low cholesterol foods, and it's only a SATURDAY treat :) ) I wish you could taste the country bacon and home fries.

Then we walked around the Farmers Market, enjoying the local produce and crafts, and we even got to watch a "protest" about healthcare. Fascinating. The "colors" of the Square prompted lots of good conversation between me and my teen, and we wandered over to our favorite store to buy a gift, poke around the candy barrels, and chat. Then we used a two for one coupon to get Rita's frozen custard; I had orange creme frozen custard, which was heavenly! We sat outside and enjoyed our flavors, while a man with a bagpipe strolled through the crowd. As we people watched, we had so many good topics to talk about, and it became a great chance to chat over life and God's goodness. Great timing at the end of week one in high school.

It's Saturday again, and today is chocolate chip pancake day for Jacob. While I sip my java, watch the sun fill my kitchen, and flip the cakes, I will enjoy the time to savor God's goodness and greatness. This morning will "fill my tank" and that of my family. As we get back to business Monday, we'll enjoy the benefits of this "Special Saturday" all week long.

How do you love to spend Saturday?

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Anonymous said...

Jul, ahhh this sounds so peace-inducing! I love the breakfast pic! You're right about Saturdays - we always tend to break our necks to do stuff we never get around to on the weekdays. Thanks for the encouragement :-) Love, Jen C.

Kristi_runwatch said...

What a lovely day! I long for the days of sleeping in again... but then I know when they will arrive I will miss the little voices calling my name in the morning. ;)

AG LOVES to eat breakfast with her dad. During the week she does almost every day, but still she gets excited for Saturday that she will have breakfast with him and he will be home ALL day!

Thanks for the encouragement to make sure these days don't slip by without being restful!

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

kristi - sleeping in will come again :). I loved those days of little voices that usually led to a little body snuggling with us. That's also a great way to wake up! So glad AG considers those Daddy breakfasts sweet.