Monday, August 31, 2009

CAIRNS ~ Alphabet Priorities

Anytime I "shift gears" throughout the year, my priorities take a time to settle into place with new routines and schedules. For me there are noteworthy shifts in the year: January .... spring break .... summer ... September. It's just where I am right now that my shifts tend to hinge on the school calendar.

I know other women whose shifts take place around tax season, annual employee evaluations, or a sports season. My sweet husband has an internal buzzer that seems to go off when it's time for deer season, spring turkey season, and camping season. Whatever prompts your gears to shift, these times of year give us a great reason to stop and reflect on where our priorities fall. Having our priorities in place is essential to experiencing PEACE.

Today marks two weeks since we began our school year. I'm thankful for a solid start for both of our students, especially since I'm scheduled to go out of the country Friday! (More on that later in the week ...) It's a great time to consider how I'm doing, where I'm wasting time, falling short, getting distracted, choosing the "good" instead of the "best", or needing help. In honor of school, I took the "seed" of a list I started last fall and built on it as an alphabetical reminder of what matters most (or should matter most) in my day. You may also get some ideas about what tends to vie for my attention, and maybe you can relate. I think of these phrases in the MORNING, when I am tempted to get off track before the clock moves far at all. Maybe my "Alphabet Priorities" will help you reflect on how you're doing your days, too.

No adoration, no agenda

No Bible, no breakfast

No Christ, no computer

No devotions, no duties

No exaltation, no errands
No Father, no fun
No God, no goodies

No heaven, no housework

No Immanuel, no itinerary

No Jesus, no jobs

No King, no Kindle

No Lord, no laundry

No Master, no memos

No kneeling, no networking

No obedience, no occupation

No prayer, no planner

No quiet time, no quality

No reflection, no rush

No Savior, no schedule

No trust, no tech

No understanding, no undertaking

No value, no vocation

No waiting, no work

No ‘xpectation , no ‘xercise

No Yahweh, no yoke

No Zion*, no zoe**!

Z was a challenge! :)

*Zion refers to heaven, the hope and ultimate home for believers.

** Zoe = LIFE!

Is there an "Alphabet priority" that challenges you?

Cairns ... Priorities help us experience God's PEACE!

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Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Oh wow! Those are awesome!! I can't believe you were able to do that through the entire alphabet! I'm impressed and even more it impresses upon my heart the need to keep my number one priority NUMBER ONE!!! Thanks!

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

Courtney, the entire alphabet just shows that a piece of my heart is still in first grade! :) It was amazing how it unfolded when I thought of all that competes for my attention in place of all that truly has first rights.