Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Cute Evil T-Shirt

In typical tourist fashion, Jo and I were searching racks of t-shirts for the perfect souvenir when we saw it. Colorful, happy, and with a stylish graphic of our destination.It had delicate, clean, white, floral scroll designs, with understated writing. Jo agreed on the attractive choice, and we chose an equally colorful, but different, shirt for her. They didn't have my size, so I had to seek it out at another location in the Park, but I found one and snagged it with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I tucked it into the car full of hiking boots, packs, and water bottles, looking forward to trying it on back at the cabin.

The next morning, before I slathered on bug spray or stirred up pancakes, I donned my t-shirt and came out to show the fam. JoHanna started to laugh. "Mom, you bought a shirt with skulls on it!" They stared. They squinted. Then they began to laugh ... and laugh ... and laugh. I was declared a "biker chick" and called things like, "Skull Mama." I was in shock. A quick examination confirmed my worst fears. I WAS wearing skulls on my chest! I couldn't wear something to identify me with death and violence, even if it was colorful.

"How did this happen?" I asked out loud. ......... How did such a beautiful creature offer me such a beautiful thing and hide death in it? ...... But I digress .... Yes, Satan is the Lord of Death. Loves it, and loves hiding it amidst beauty. Like he has for generations before me and will for generations to follow me, he captured my attention with beautiful colors and delicate decor, fooling my eyes and mind into seeing just the pretty ... missing the poison. That's so Satan.

I have a plan for how I can change those skulls and turn them into rosebuds :) (Really, I can ... a little white paint ...), so that I can still wear this shirt somewhere other than the basement when I paint. But how about all the other "skulls" he's hidden in beautiful places that capture our attention? How about the sin in the shows to premier in the new tv season soon? How about the books that weave in story lines of deceit, wrapped in a beautiful appearance? How about the new high school "friend" that found you on Facebook, only to lure you into temptation? We wouldn't buy into the sin, WEAR it on our chest, if it was a giant skull. So he hides it in the beautiful and frames it in the good.

Mark 14:38 (NIV)

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

help me to be a woman of discernment, to see what You see, how You see, and to choose to wear YOUR mark on my life. It is a mark of beauty and truth and LIFE.
Help me to be marked by Your character.

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Marge said...

Skulls really are popular lately, even on many children's items. Ugh. I hope you can change them into roses. If not, maybe you can find a green and yellow fabric pen to blot them out.

Courtney said...

Yes, Satan is the master deceiver - and he is hidden everywhere it seems! Thanks for the reminder to be cautious and pay attention to not fall into his traps!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Just had a few minutes to visit some of my blog friends tonight...Enjoyed your post ....We have had an eventful summer...and my blog time has been little...always enjoy my visit to your blog.