Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Broken TV & My 100th Post

Monday afternoon our 2 yr old tv died. It wasn't the change to digital. Sound is there. Responds to the remote. Picture? Nada. Wala. Nothin'. I wasn't surprised; Jeff was going out of town, so it was time for some appliance to stop working. :) Better than an overflowing washer, dead fridge, or (God forbid) the air conditioner. Why doesn't the iron ever stop working?

So, today the kids and I took the set to a little store where a man with big, tv watching eyes works in a store called "TV Repair." We left it, got a ticket smaller than a business card, and left it in hopes of revival. Mr. Repair said he would call us with a diagnosis ... when he was done watching tv....

After we were told to bring in "the body", we opened the car door, and my 12 yr old Jacob stepped forward. "I've got it, Mom. I've got it." Whoa! The tv owner and the mom inside of me were in conflict like digital and analog!
- The consumer in me, who paid for the tv and doesn't want to pay for repairs, thought, "No way, little man. I can't trust you with this. You might drop it."
- But the mom in me was proud of my son, eager in his strength and responsibility (if a little overly so); I wanted to encourage him to do what he's created to do - exercise his strength and be dependable.

I resisted the urge to take it back, to tell him he might drop it, or to do airplane signals as he made his approach to the curb and entered the world of "TV Repair." He did it. All the way from the car to the counter without dropping it. Maybe I expect him to drop because ... I probably would. :)

Isn't it wonderful that our Heavenly Father delights in us, giving us opportunities to do what we are created to do in many ways? He knows we might trip, might do damage, might not do it like He would, and might even experience disaster.

But He gently allows us the chance to try, powering us through His sufficient grace, guiding us by His Spirit, helping us through His Word, and making it beautiful through the work of His Son. He doesn't leave us as we face our challenges, but He's right there to help us when we go over the curbs or wobble.
Today is my 100th BLOG! Yay! It has been a joyful journey in which I have learned so much and found great joy. Thank you, Lord, for letting me "pick it up and carry it," and thank you for walking beside me on the journey.

"Fear not, for I [am] with you; Be not dismayed, for I [am] your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

Is God giving you a new opportunity in your life?

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Courtney said...

Gorgeous 100th blog - I can completely relate to stepping back and letting the kids do stuff for themselves and then translating that to what God does with us. Thanks for the analogy. God is so good and I'm thankful you listened to the Holy Spirit when he moved in your heart for you to start a blog. I have so enjoyed your daily encouragement. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Julie, congrats on #100! Wow! I'm so glad the Lord allowed blogs to be invented :-) and led you to have one. You are a blessing! Love you, Jenny

eLisa said...

What a sweet story and perfect illustration, Julie. I'm glad the TV made it to the counter and that you've made it 100 posts. May the Lord receive the glory!

Julie said...

Thank you, friends. It has been a joy. The rest of the tv story ... the tv was pronounced officially dead, but since God's Word is "living and active" always, the blog will have new inspiration. :)

Kristi said...

I love your illustrations, Julie! :) I love your blog and this chance to "hear" your heart online - congrats on your 100th post!!

Julie said...

Thank you for your encouragements. Actually very beautiful that these 4 comments before me represent 4 who have inspired and encouraged me in the blog journey. :) Thank YOU, girls!