Sunday, June 14, 2009

10 Things to Delight Missionary Guests

(photo: Carol & some her family and "extended global family")

If you read my friend Carol's thoughts yesterday about showing hospitality to missionaries, you will so enjoy reading what she shares today. She pulled these from thank you cards and notes, reflecting on what they've loved and longed for. Enjoy!

10 Things to Delight Missionary Guests
  1. Fresh “in season” berries… a rare treat for some who can’t afford to buy them or access them where they live
  2. Fresh ground coffee and “Half-n-Half” for the true coffee lovers…it does make a difference!
  3. Strawberry shortcake…a first for one family
  4. A “Fajita Fest”
  5. Sharing our family Bible reading and prayer time with us
  6. Including them in our everyday family life
  7. Getting a tour of the plant at the business Mark runs
  8. Their favorite flavor of hot tea
  9. Peace and quiet for naps to recover from jetlag
  10. Sweet Tea with lime

    I'm sure that as you read Carol's thoughts you hear, as I do, that these are loving acts of kindness, using the resources of our life, whatever that looks like. Not extravagant. Not complicated. Love over luxury. Hospitality in practice.

    May God help us to want to be ready to extend hospitality to strangers and family, alike, and may He give us many opportunities to soften the world with this quality of showing Christ's love.

    Gotta run ... I have guests to plan for!

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Anonymous said...

...and chatting with all of you, trying to understand the context when we don't always understand every word you say in english :-)

Julie said...

But we appreciate you trying so hard to be patient with us ... mostly one language speakers. :( And you can always pray in your own language; it helps us to listen to the beauty of your words and to understand that God is not English, and His truth extends to ALL languages. We love you, Gabi!