Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Empty Week ~ Tuesday

I've had the joy of teaching all age groups, from pre-school to elementary, to youth, to college, to adults. They are all unique, but they all have some things in common. Sometimes when I teach a group, I look into the eyes of the listeners and try to figure out what they're thinking. "Are they getting this? Do they care? Are they ready for lunch? Do they want to go out for recess?" (Not necessarily for elementary audiences…)

On this day of the Passion Week, Jesus taught in the temple. The crowd was not necessarily friendly … or teachable. He knew the hearts of each one who listened. (That would be a great skill to have!) As He answered the questions of the Jewish leaders, He told them that their house was desolate, and He left the temple. He said that He would be back someday when people say, "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord." Even then, as He was preparing to give His life and then return to heaven, He was speaking words of hope. There would be a day when the emptiness would be filled.

Read the account in Matt. 22:23-23:14, Mark 11:27-12:12, and Luke 20:41-44.

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