Saturday, April 11, 2009

Empty Week ~ Saturday

When Jesus was buried on Friday night, those who loved Him and knew Him must have felt what a great “void,emptiness, blank place” is. If only they would’ve held onto the promise of the emptiness to come, to count on their God who loves to fill empty lives. This would've been the day that Jesus was in the tomb.

It must've been a long day of despair and grief and fear for his friends and family. And yet God had beautiful intentions for their next day, intentions they had yet to understand or experience. Even when we are unaware of our future, God is working to unfold His beautiful plan in the lives of His beloved.

Read the account in Matt. 27:57-66, Mark 15:42-27, Luke 23:40-56, John 19:31-42.

What has God shown you during this week of reflecting on His resurrection story?

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Wendy Widder said...

Hi Jul--
We're thinking alike today...see my FB post...and, enjoy your weekend company. ;)

Kristi_runwatch said...

I have been so looking forward to this Easter - more than any year before, I think. Thank you for sharing your reflections this week!

I was struck again yesterday by the story of Mary Magdalene, as you might have read... Oh, to see Him face to face. What joy she must have felt when God turned her mourning into dancing!

Love your new blog design, by the way - beautiful! :)

Julie said...

Thank you Kristi! Mary did have a view I would've loved to have had. I'm sure it helped to heal all she saw the days before.

And thanks for rejoicing over the new blog "door" with me. :)