Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tasteless Tuesday ...

I'm sorry. Here it is another Tuesday, and I have nothing yummy to show and inspire. The past few weeks have been rather busy here, and I am daily asking the Lord to help me choose how to use the limited hours He gives us. I HAVE been doing some cooking ;) .... there's a line of ants in my kitchen to prove it. :(  Hate ants in the kitchen. Here's what I've been cooking, even if I haven't been snapping pictures of it ..

- dinner for small group Sunday:  Creamy baked chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and apples, cucumber salad, and homemade bread
- dinner for the fam last night:  Baked tortellini with marinara, steamed broccoli, and banana bread

And here's my "funny" for the week ... I went to Serenity Shelter last night, and we were having a birthday party. I stopped at the store before dinner to get a card and a fun springy candy to take with me. After some fam and tortellini time, I got up to sign the card and get the candy .... LEFT IT IN THE BAG CAROUSEL AT THE GROCERY STORE!!!!  I hate it when I do that ... even more than I hate ants in the kitchen.

Tonight I'm making stromboli, because one of the boys Jacob eats lunch with said, "When can your mom make that tortellini again?"  He said tortellini, but Jacob said he meant stromboli. It made my heart happy, so I'm making stromboli again. I WILL show you that next Tuesday. :)

Hoping your Tuesday is not too forgetful, not filled with ants, and prayerfully directed in how you spend your time. Pray that for me too!

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Sue Underwood said...

It's always a good feeling when my kids' friends compliment my cooking because they have shared it in the lunchroom at school :-)

Julie_Sanders said...

Absolutely! It's one of the only times I'm happy to know they didn't eat all of their lunch. ;) Julie Sanders

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